Yet more fuel for the fire – the Hindenburg Omen

It’s being passed around the net a bit right now, the news that the developer of the “Hindenburg Omen” predictive system has divested himself of all his equities. Completely left the market, Jim Miekka has. That’s how serious he is about what’s coming.

The basic strategy of the Hindenburg Omen is to find and quantify trigger points for market drops. In Miekka’s system these trigger points are referred to as “criteria”, and we’ve just recently hit five of the criteria needed for a major market crash.

Recently as in August 24th, 2010, and that’s pretty much the same day that Miekka took himself out of the market.

Hit some of the links, check out some of the ideas, and do some further research. Many people are following this quite closely, and you can bet that the financial markets are all a-twitter about this too.

Google “Hindenburg Omen”, “Jim Miekka”, etc. Some very interesting reading.

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