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Why Prepare? — 3 Comments

  1. I had downloaded the preparedness capability checklist a few months ago. I have modified it some for my purposes. I have it in my Omni outlinerpro program. It’s great because now I have all my preparedness goals, lists, etc. in one place! It really helps me organize my information and focus on where I am and what to do next. Thanks for publishing the capability checklist.

  2. That’s very cool. Omni Outliner is a really good program, I’ve used it before, but stopped because it was too proprietary. However, I just checked out the latest pro version and I see that it can export dynamic HTML, so the folding feature on the lists works in HTML. This is great. I just upgrade to the Pro version and will be working on putting the PCC back into Omni Outliner and use it as the default document to keep it updated. I’ll update the page with the new code when completed (which could be months).

    Glad you found the Preparedness Capability Checklist useful!

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