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Sorry it’s been a while since there’s been a post on here. Frankly, we’ve been pretty busy keeping up with the news and working on the “Fast Packs and Bugging Out” Podcast Series that will be coming in a couple of weeks.

In past podcasts, we’ve gone over how to stay on top of the news and what’s happening all over the place.  The Internet is a great thing, but sometimes can be overwhelming to process all the info. Using software tools like Google Reader and other RSS readers can really cut down on the amount of time you spend sifting through websites to get to the info you’re looking for. That is, until you start to add so many feeds that you’re still spending more and more time pouring over news and info. But at least, you’re able to go through much more information that way.

I started to digress a little there. Sorry. Anyway, the point about being smarter about how you sift through online information is that there is a lot happening right now, and in a lot of different areas. I lack the proper intel training to properly connect all the dots, but right now I think it’s pretty easy to tell that the economy is rapidly approaching a brink. I’m not quite sure what’s on the other side, but it’s not looking good.

Deflation, inflation, hyperinflation, rising gold and silver prices, higher oil and energy prices, food shortages, war, rumors of war and disease; These are only some of the bigger issues that is getting the daily attention of the news outlets. There are so many news articles, reports and information nuggets happening everyday, that missing a day or two and it’s a struggle to catch up.

You need to pay attention. Your survival depends on it. As you learn more about what’s coming, modify your preparedness plan. Talk it over with your spouse/significant other and any other family members that are mature enough. Make sure you’re getting with your friends and finding out now which ones you’ll be able to count on when times get tough (e.g., who can you really trust?).

Trust me, I’d love nothing more than to be able to tell you that things are looking up, that they’re getting better and it won’t be long now before this will all be behind us. I wish I could, but I can’t.

Now is the time to push harder in finishing your preparedness plan. If you’re just starting out, adjust your plan so that you’re covering the most important things first. If your plan has aged a bit, go over it again and fine tune it; look for holes and gaps in it. ALL plans have holes and gaps, so if you’re not finding any, you’re not looking hard enough.

We’re back to putting out a weekly podcast, and even throwing in a Short Take or two during the week. If you’re new to this site, be sure to check out The Preparedness Podcast at PrepCast.info.

Now, as if the above wasn’t bad enough, here are some news and info that you might have missed:

Goldman: Get Ready For Oil Prices To Go Back To $147

Peak oil latest – yikes

The Economy Is In Deep, Deep Trouble

Stocks Slide on Economy Concern; Yen, Dollar, Treasuries Gain (I think the first paragraph pretty much says it all)

Wave of Foreclosures About to Break U.S. Housing Market Dam


U.S. Economy: Sales Unexpectedly Fall on Job Losses

U.S. Financial System is Bankrupt, Economy is Spinning Out of Control

Old-fashioned bartering helps pare medical bills

Now, if you’re feeling a little spunky, print out these articles and tape them onto a large wall (stay with me here).  Then, put a string or some yarn between every article where there’s an intersection to another article.  If you were to do this for even a month, not only would your wall be covered, but you would see all too well how interconnected things really are, and when the next time you hear some bobblehead on TV start talking about “green shoots” or how “the recession is over,” you can look over at your Great Cosmic Wall of Yarn (GCWoY) and know that someone just got paid a boatload of money to lie to you.



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