Top 5 Survival knives that will help you fight the wild

Guest Post: Billy from Perkin Knives

Love going out into the wild ? Back yourself up with some of the best survival knives specially designed for all the adventurous souls lurking to get the most out of their trip.

Listed below are some of the top survival knives that will help you fight the wild :

● Bushcraft Fixed-blade Knife with sheath

Key information :
● Full Blade length: 4.5 inch
● Buffalo Horn length: 4.0 inch
● Handmade leather Sheath

If you are looking forward to spending the week hunting in the wild, try this handmade, uniquely designed bushcraft fixed blade knife with sheath. With a sharp blade edge, it is ideal for all kinds of bushcraft activities making it versatile and extremely user-friendly.

● Karambit knife with a bone handle

Key Information :
● Blade 4 inches
● Handle 4″ inches
● Natural Bone Handle
● Comes with Leather Sheath
Karambit knives are relatively small knives with a large handle size which can be used for criminal confrontations and other adventure activities like hiking, hunting, camping, gutting, etc. The Karambit knife was widely used for agricultural purposes in the earlier days. But now the knife has found its significant use in survival situations when stuck in the wild.

● Handmade Kukri Knife with Walnut wood handle

Key information :
● Overall Length: 15.0 inches
● Blade Length: 10.0 inches
● Walnut Wood Handle: 5.0 inches
● it comes with a handmade leather sheath
● Machete knife – Damascus Hunting Knife

What is a kukri knife? Well, the kukri knife was widely used as a war weapon in the history. Along with its professional use it has found to be significantly used for clearing, chopping firewood, building, cutting meat and vegetables. It has a long blade with a small walnut wood handle making an overall length of 15 inches. It is most often confused with a Machete knife due to the shape of the blade.

● 12.5 Inches Fixed Blade Bowie Knife with Leather Handle

Key information :
● Bowie knife fixed blade hunting knife with a leather handle.
● Blade length: 7.5 inches
● Leather Handle Length: 5 inches
● Brass Guard

This bowie knife is specially Designed for Hunting, Survival, Skinning, Camping & Self Defence. Its full tang construction ensures full functionality and an optimum balance when stuck in a survival situation. Made with top quality steel, it comes with the Highest Grade Of Strength, Durability, And Reliability. Make your adventure activity more fun and exciting with our 12.5 Inches Fixed Blade Bowie Knife which comes with a Leather Handle ensuring an efficient grip and firm support to the blade.

● Hunting/Bushcraft Knife with Micarta Handle

Key information :
● Blade 3.5 inches
● Handle 4.5 inches
● Micarta handle
● Comes with Handmade leather sheath

Love hunting or getting into the woods for some over the weekend bushcrafting? Make it more fun and exciting with our Hunting/Bushcraft Knife which comes with a short blade fitted into a long Micarta handle ideal for all kinds of bushcraft activities. Its sharp blade edge makes it versatile and extremely functional when stuck in the wild.

Whether you love camping, hunting or bushcrafting, back yourself up with some of the best, uniquely handcrafted knives that will not only help you fight the wild but also make your survival easy and comfortable. Perkin Knives stock a wide range of knives, daggers, swords and much more that will make your adventure sport exciting and thrilling. So, what are you waiting for? Grab the best hunting knife today and get into the wild now.

Having been on the Perkin Knives team for several years as a marketing executive, Billy has been part of a great many top-of-the-line projects. Not only has he personally contributed to the service in every way, but he also happens to be one of the most revered members of Perkin Knives.

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