Three Major Threats We Face

There are three major threats that we face in this nation, and globally.  You should keep these threats in mind as you go about preparing.  Unfortunately, as individuals, there is nothing we can do to reduce the likelihood these threats, as they are already in motion.  All we can do is make preparations to mitigate the effects of these threats.

The threats are Economic Crash, Food Shortage and Terrorism. The first two are happening now and the third will happen eventually. Each of these events, on their own, would be bad enough, but their occurrence during one of the other events makes it that much worse. For example, without the economic woes of the word right now, we could more readily solve the global food shortage crisis that has some mothers having to choose which of their children will die.  But not many are paying attention to it because keeping their eyes on other things, like the gearing up in Washington D.C. to start culling our freedoms away.  Likewise, another terrorist attack in this country like that of 9-11-01 will further push the economy deeper down the hole.

There is much discussion among people who are much smarter than I am about this economic crash lasting for years, probably for the better part of a decade, possibly longer.  I strongly urge you to watch the 30 minute mini-movie I.O.U.S.A at as it’s incredibly important that you understand what we’re facing and why this isn’t going to end anytime soon.  Pay particular attention to how this is a long term problem, and that by 2040, the Federal Government will only be able to pay Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and the interest on the debt.  Nothing else.  Nothing.  No military, no payroll, etc.

You should be researching this now, and doing what you can to learn more about what’s happening and how it relates to history, as many societies have been down this road before.  Research the Weimar Republic and see what hyper-inflation will look like. Oh, think that can’t happen in today’s world?  Check out what’s happening in Zimbabwe, WHERE PRICES ARE DOUBLING EVERY 1.3 DAYS! They may be a small African country, but the economics are exactly the same.  Read that article closely.

Also, download and listen to podcasts, like Glenn Beck or Don McAlvany, while you’re driving to work or working out, to get broader perspective on the situation.  Soak up as much information as you can, so you know what to expect.

Then sit down with your family and make a plan for your future. Start preparing now. Prepare hard.

Listen to The Preparedness Podcast and other preparedness and survival focused podcasts to learn more about how to prepare.  Time is running out, so you need to start today.

Are you scared?  You should be.  I am.

— Rob

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