The Top 6 Tactical Flashlights! Which One Is Right for You?

Remaining safe both in your home and while on the go doesn’t have to be a challenge. With the right self-defense tools, you can effectively remain safe at all times of day. 

One of the best ways to remain safe is through the use of tactical flashlights. Their illumination capabilities make it easy to see, whether walking your dog early in the morning or investigating whatever went bump in the night, but their added flare makes them exceptional self-defense weapons that can be readily wielded as weapons if need be. 

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Here are six of our favorite models currently available on the market and the numerous ways they can keep you safe, beyond just providing a guiding light. 

CHEETAH™ Mini 4” Tactical LED Flashlight

Providing 300 lumens of insanely bright lighting, which can help you see up to 500 feet away, the CHEETAH™ Mini 4” Tactical LED Flashlight is one of the most preferred choices when it comes to tactical flashlights. Its multiple lighting options—low, high, and strobe—make it a great light for use at night, whether lighting your path or using the strobe effect to temporarily blind an aggressive animal or stalker. Best of all, its small size—4 inches in length—makes it easy to carry wherever you’re going, ensuring that you can keep a handy light on you at all times. 

Although small in size, its aluminium alloy body and anti-rolling design make it perfect as a handheld device, by wielding it in your hand to fight off a potential attacker if they come at you. And, with 14 hours of operating time while only requiring one AA battery, you can’t go wrong with this device: It’s designed to travel with you, remaining useful whenever needed. 

JOLT Police Tactical Rechargeable Stun Gun Flashlight

While you need a light now and then, sometimes you need a better self-defense option versus a handheld defense tool. The JOLT Police Tactical Rechargeable Stun Gun Flashlight provides owners with just that. 

While it’s an extremely bright flashlight that’s just seven inches long, its true character comes from the 75,000,000 volts it can shock a person with when engaged. The sound of the device when engaged can be enough to scare off a wild animal or an assailant, while the high-lumen light emitted from the lightbulb can temporarily blind them as well, providing you with ample time to get away safely. 

Its aluminum body and diamond-texture handle make it easy to grip, allowing easy handling when in tense situations; moreover, an included wrist strap will ensure that it remains by your hand for immediate use. Best of all, the device is rechargeable, allowing you to regularly charge it for immediate use, guaranteeing that you always have a jolt at the ready. 

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TASER® Stun Gun Flashlight

When you purchase a tactical flashlight, you’re getting a device that blends safety and security into one package: You have a light to illuminate the dangers around you while having added security features to protect you against those very same dangers. The TASER® Stun Gun Flashlight is an 80-lumen flashlight that adds a stun gun to ensure assailants and aggressive dogs aren’t able to hurt you. 

This device can be engaged with the simple flick of a switch while engaging the stun gun’s electrodes. With the click of another button, you’ll trigger the electrode, causing them to create a spark that will snap and crack, emitting a visible light and audible sound to scare off any aggressor. 

And, if a person or animal still decides to engage you even after all of this, you can utilize the tool to incapacitate them, striking them with a 5-second stun discharge that will cause temporary paralysis, causing them to fall to the ground while unable to control themselves physically. 


Is there a dog that’s acting aggressive toward you or a person who won’t leave you alone while you’re trying to jog at night, while giving off obvious signs that they have ill intentions? If so, you don’t need to take your chances. Instead, carry the STREETWISE™ Barbarian 19” LED STUN GUN BATON 9M for immediate protection. 

Able to emit nine million volts of electricity, housed among three electrical contact zones, this 19-inch baton is also made of aluminum alloy, allowing it to be wielded as a striking device too. Rather than taking your chances, you can fend off an attacker or rabid animal with a severe stun or a heavy, swift strike. The built-in 3-watt flashlight also makes it easy to see where you’re going at night, letting you carry an innocuous device that can be converted into a safety tool in less than a second. 

WUBEN E05 900 lm LED 3″ Rechargeable Flashlight

Want a small device that can still be used to fend off an attacker? The WUBEN E05 900 lm LED 3″ Rechargeable Flashlight is the perfect device for just this, providing five different brightness levels, which make it easy to see early in the morning and late at night. Rechargeable, this tactical flashlight has a 115-hour run time, meaning you’ll be able to rely on it for light almost wherever you are. And if you ever find yourself in a dangerous situation, its strobe/SOS function can be used to both blind a nearby aggressor or signal for help to a nearby crowd. 

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The STREETWISE™ MINI BARBARIAN 14.6″ LED STUN GUN BATON 9M is the same as the 19”, just housed in a smaller package. The device is perfect for any person who is regularly on the go, looking for a tool that can be carried without being a burden. 

Whether stored in a backpack, gym bag, or large purse, this baton can be kept on your person wherever you go, without drawing attention to you. Meanwhile, it can be used whenever needed for protection, allowing you to remain safe and protected against a random animal on your morning walk or a creepy person following you to the parking lot late at night. 

Round-up: When it comes to self-defense weapons, it’s smarter to get one before it’s too late. While you should weigh your options to find which one is right for you, take the time to understand what tactical flashlight is right for you. 

And once you’ve figured it out, take the time to acquaint yourself with your tool. Safety gadgets don’t just work on their own—they require training. So, before someone or something can get the best of you, consider taking the time totrain with your self-defense weapon, preparing for whatever life throws at you.  

Submitted by Dave Artman, Founder of The Home Security Superstore

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