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The Preparedness Podcast Mini-Guide: Surviving EMP — 25 Comments

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  15. I don’t understand? We have never had a total grid down senerio.so how can u say u have researched and tested things like a faraday cages.until it happens no one knows.yes.u can prep.but that’s about it and hope 4 the best.its like these so called survivalists go out. 2 the wood 4 acouple of weeks come back and write a book.a Japanese soldier living on iwo 30- yrs.after the war that’s a survivalist.

    • You’re making connections where they don’t exist. You don’t need to drop a 1 ton weight on your foot to know that it’s going to hurt. I’ve explained my methods in detail. Science is science.

    • Thanks! Checked out your site – it would be awesome if you can put into production a reasonably-priced Faraday cage for EMP. What’s your plan for testing them?

  16. Rob … I just bought the book. I tried to get the Print Version from Amazon, but they did not have that option. I ended up buying it from BookPatch. It was OK … however, I had to pay another half again as much for shipping and handling as I paid for the book. I didn’t care for that part. Also, I had to use my credit card. I would rather have used Pay Pal, but that buying option was not available.

    Based on the material in your Podcasts, I am however, looking forward to reading your book, and hoping for some additional technical information.

    Thank you & 73,

    • I just realized that you were talking about the EMP book. Yes, unfortunately, I haven’t gotten around to making that available as a print book in Amazon. It sort of slipped off my radar, I’ll put it back on my ‘to do’ list.

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