The Preparedness Podcast Mini-Guide: Surviving EMP

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New Surviving EMP CoverIn a blink of an eye, life as you know it can change forever. In the aftermath of an EMP attack or a CME impact from the sun, the power grid will go down and it will be months or years before it is restored. In that time, millions of people will have starved to death.

Both an EMP and a CME can permanently take down the power grid in the United States, leaving hundreds of millions of people without electricity, water, food, and medicine. Urban areas will soon erupt into violence, as people quickly learn that the electricity won’t be coming back. Worse yet, an EMP will also take out billions of electronic devices, including vehicles, by overloading the microchips with high voltage.

This Mini-Guide on EMP and EMP Protection, produced by the Preparedness Podcast, will give you information on what these events are and considerations for preparing for these events, including on how you can make your own Faraday cages to protect your electronic equipment. It includes the information researched and tested by the Preparedness Podcast and gives you a solid understanding of the danger facing us from two plausible grid-down scenarios.

In addition to the information that has been covered in the podcasts on EMP, this book includes new information that was researched and tested after the podcasts were released.

“I chose the Kindle format so that readers can download the updated versions without having to repurchase the book,” says the author, Rob Hanus. He continues, “There are many aspects of preparing for the aftermath of an EMP or CME event and instead of waiting until every possible factoid is researched and tested, the Kindle format allows me to get the information that I’ve already confirmed out to the user, and then update the book as needed, without having the user continually buy a new edition.”

Just as a side note, you don’t need a Kindle to get this book. You can get Kindle reader software for every computing platform.


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25 Responses to The Preparedness Podcast Mini-Guide: Surviving EMP

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  15. greg says:

    I don’t understand? We have never had a total grid down how can u say u have researched and tested things like a faraday cages.until it happens no one knows.yes.u can prep.but that’s about it and hope 4 the best.its like these so called survivalists go out. 2 the wood 4 acouple of weeks come back and write a book.a Japanese soldier living on iwo 30- yrs.after the war that’s a survivalist.

    • Rob Hanus says:

      You’re making connections where they don’t exist. You don’t need to drop a 1 ton weight on your foot to know that it’s going to hurt. I’ve explained my methods in detail. Science is science.

  16. Good stuff guys, grabbing the PDF version now. When you get a moment, have a look at our EMP Shield project at

    • Rob Hanus says:

      Thanks! Checked out your site – it would be awesome if you can put into production a reasonably-priced Faraday cage for EMP. What’s your plan for testing them?

  17. azneil says:

    Rob … I just bought the book. I tried to get the Print Version from Amazon, but they did not have that option. I ended up buying it from BookPatch. It was OK … however, I had to pay another half again as much for shipping and handling as I paid for the book. I didn’t care for that part. Also, I had to use my credit card. I would rather have used Pay Pal, but that buying option was not available.

    Based on the material in your Podcasts, I am however, looking forward to reading your book, and hoping for some additional technical information.

    Thank you & 73,

    • Rob Hanus says:

      I just realized that you were talking about the EMP book. Yes, unfortunately, I haven’t gotten around to making that available as a print book in Amazon. It sort of slipped off my radar, I’ll put it back on my ‘to do’ list.

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