The Long Slog: Out of Work, Out of Hope –

It’s hard to hear about these people that have been without a job for so long and see what they’re going through, and it’s frustrating that there’s little that anyone can do about it. The unfortunate reality is that it’s going to be like this for quite a bit longer; there is no recovery taking place. For if there was, you would see many of these people getting back into the work force.

There’s a lot to soak up in this article:
– People can’t drive much because there’s no money for fuel;
– People forced into an early and reduced retirement;
– Unemployment benefits have been extended to almost a year;
– The longer you are out of work, the more likely that you’ll stay out of work;
– “The proportion of the unemployed who have been out of work for over 26 weeks, at one-third, is the highest since World War II;”
– “The proportion of working-age people who either have jobs or are actively looking for one — was 65.5%.”

This is the writing on the wall. You want to know what’s going to happen so you can be better prepared? Study this article, because it’s your crystal ball look at the future. There are no green shoots here, no bottom of the recession. Summer is over, Fall is coming – literally and figuratively. Think about that.

The Long Slog: Out of Work, Out of Hope –

As Bill Jacobs hunted fruitlessly for work nine months after his layoff, it dawned on him that those nine months might, themselves, be part of his problem.

One clue was the conversation the computer specialist had with a job recruiter this summer. “The first question was, ‘When did you get laid off?’ The next one was, ‘How come you haven’t had a job since then?'”

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