The Economy Continues Its Downward Spiral

The economy continues its downward spiral and gold and approaching $2000 per ounce.  Where do we go from here?

Silver is also starting to rise again, which some people, including me, think might be a better indicator of how spooked people really are about the economy. Rich people can buy gold anytime they want, but when the average person finally realizes that they need to protect their savings from inflation, silver is usually a better option for them, because it’s cheaper.

In the podcast, I again dispel a myth about why it’s too late to buy precious metals (gold and silver) and discuss the ongoing issues of what we can expect as we continue on this path to hyperinflation.

Markets are continuing their “bouncing down the stairs” motion. However, watching the markets is a poor indicator of the current state of the economy, because it’s mainly reactionary.

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