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The Difference Between EMP and CME — 8 Comments

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  5. Your title is completely misleading: you never differentiated the physical difference between an EMP and CME. All your descriptions were of EMPs, which led me to believe that you really don’t know what a CME is.

    An EMP is just as its name suggests: It is a pulse driven by electromagnetic waves, which are waves that are comprised of both electrical fields and magnetic fields, oscillating at pi/2 radians (or perpendicular to) apart from each other. EMPs are electromagnetic radiation.

    A CME, however–Coronal Mass Ejection, is plasma, which is a super-heated and ionised gas that is expelled from the surface of the Sun. It’s gas that lacks the high pressure of those on Earth, but still contains the intense heat (which is unusual since higher temperatures are caused by the higher pressure of the atoms smashing together and undergoing friction, which releases thermo radiation–heat).

    And there ya go.

    • I could see how it’s misleading if one didn’t have the proper perspective. This article is part of a series on EMP Preparedness. The physical differences between EMP and CME were not the focus of the article.

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  7. The E3 like pulse of a CME, though, as it induces geomagnetic induction current, won’t such currents also emanate within small transformers, coils, large antennas, coiled antennas, and vast wired networks like those in all homes and office buildings? And if such currents do show up in unlikely places, not just in powergrid transformers, won’t such unlikely places spawn mini-meltdowns? Fires. Or destructive currents within their own limit environments?

    A massive solar flare with an accompanying X-30 class CME directed straight at the Earth would first cook the satellites, and induce an E1 like pulse in high altitude electronics yes? And then days later the E3 like pulse of the CME itself would wash over the earth triggering GIC type DC powersurges which would cook more than just our power grid don’t you think?

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