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The Coming Hyperinflation — 2 Comments

  1. Rob,
    Although the information in this video may be accurate, I personally do not trust the group that has it on their website http://www.inflation.us/. The website’s goal is to advertise for certain mining investments. They basically put out all this “the economy is going to collapse” information and then tell you to invest in certain companies. They can run their business that way, but the way it’s presented, it seems like they just want to provide information to “help” others, but I believe it is just to make them money. Do your own research on the website (also look up george4title videos on you tube) to see what you think. Thanks for all you guys do.

  2. I agree that everyone needs to do their own research, not only on this, but on everything. That’s the only way that you can know what the facts are. it’s one of the points we try to drill home on the podcast.

    I wouldn’t be too quick to pre-judge someone just because they’re selling something. EVERYONE is selling something. Even the PrepCast is selling something; in our case it’s knowledge, but we will eventually have advertisers, etc., so one could claim that the only reason we’re doing this is to make money (which it’s not). Even if someone is making money, that doesn’t mean they’re wrong. I know lots of people that sell the products they do because they believe in those products.

    I also know people that hawk preparedness products but don’t even remotely believe in what they’re selling, to them it’s just a marketing strategy. And I know people that sell gold and silver that truly believe that it’s important to have and live by their own advice.

    I don’t know anything about inflation.us, so I have no idea which camp they fall into, but I think the video above has merit. If they’re sincere in wanting to help people by getting the info out, but just also happen to think that they have a product that can help. I’m okay with that. But if they’re trying to scare people simply to buy they’re product, that’s not cool.

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