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The 10/22 Rifle as a Survival Weapon — 3 Comments

  1. I sold my 10/22 takedown. And kept my old bolt action .22. Mainly for reasons of stealth. To accurately and quietly head hot small game with subsonic ammo. The 10/22 just wasn’t as quiet or as accurate. So then if it isn’t being used as a small game hunter, do I keep it as a rifle for self defence? There are much better options out there. If I only had one rifle maybe. But who has only one rifle!

  2. IMHO, the 10/22 is greatly underrated as a survival weapon. In addition to the great points mentioned above, and contrary to the previous poster, the 10/22 is relatively quiet. Over the last 30 years I have used numerous types of 22 cal rifles to hunt Abert’s squirrels in Northern Arizona. For hunting purposes, the 10/22 is every bit as reliable and accurate as Ruger’s bolt action model M77. Is the M77 more accurate than the 10/22? Definitely, but for hunting purposes, not enough to justify the difference in cost. My favorite rifle to hunt with would be the lever action Marlin 39A Golden Mountie.

    That said, if I had to choose just one rifle to serve in a survival situation, I would choose my 10/22 hands down. It has a 3-9×40 22LR specific rimfire scope from Cabela’s. It is sighted in for 50 yards and the BDC on the reticle is good out to 150 yards with standard velocity 22LR ammo.

    • I agree, the 10/22 is underrated as a survival rifle by too many Preppers. I’ve seen the takedown models and they’re impressively small. I particularly like the stainless models for their weather resistance. If I could only grab one weapon for survival purposes, it would probably be my stainless 10/22 with an assortment of ammo, including the CCI Velocitors for defensive scenarios. The rifle’s history with the Israeli’s shows us it’s quite capable in defensive roles (http://www.ruger1022.com/docs/israeli_sniper.htm).

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