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Motorcycles for the prepper….a few thoughts

I’ve been riding motorcycles, on and off, for 15 years or so. Started with dirt bikes (hey, I was only ten…) and graduated(?) for a short while to street, and then back to dirt. The last bike I had, before this latest sabbatical, was a full race, very custom desert racer. Motor was based off of a 350 Honda, and it was a true frankenbike – scary fast though. At least until I blew a hole in the piston…. Well, after I sold that bike some years back, I’ve always had the urge to get back into them. I bit … Continue reading

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Some thoughts on vehicles, and maintenance

So today I was driving around in a mid 90’s sedan, a Buick. The darned thing started to overheat, but I made it to my destination. Popped the hood, let it cool while I took care of some business I had, and when I came back it was cool enough to take the radiator cap off and get an assessment. Usually, coolant and radiator problems will let themselves be known to you by the smell of hot water and steam, and this was no exception. The radiator had obviously boiled over, and I couldn’t see any issues with hoses, this … Continue reading

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