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Episode 188 – Gun Rules, Lethal Force Follow Up and Information Privacy

-= PODCAST TOPICS =- Data Security and Privacy Notes for this section: Encrypting your communications Tails, The Amnesic Incognito Live System https://tails.boum.org Anonymous searching – duckduckgo.com There are also browser plugins that can alert you to tracking as well as block these. attempts 4 Gun Safety Rules Notes for this section: Good reminder All gun accidents break one of these rules.  If you follow these rules, you will never have an accident. ALWAYS treat every weapon as if it is loaded. NEVER put your finger on the trigger until you are ready to fire. NEVER point the weapon at anything … Continue reading

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What Can We Expect in a Disaster or Major Emergency

When I was in EmComm (Emergency Communications), there was a list that was passed around as a way of helping emergency coordinators make better plans for disasters. I originally found the information online here: http://www.races.org/docs/msg002.htm, though now it seems this page exists here: http://www.races.org/reading/msg002.htm. The following list is primarily for emergency communicators, but it’s applicable to all emergency situations. It’s point-of-view is that of the emergency rescuers and coordinators, but you can easily extrapolate each of these to a personal POV and see how the reality and the plan often differ greatly. The need to over-prepare is emphasized, whether on … Continue reading

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Episode 186 – Non-Firearm Defense Options

On this podcast episode, I discuss some of the options for non-firearm defensive weapons. I also clearly make the point (perhaps droning on a tad too much about it) that using anything other than a firearm is really a substandard defensive tactic. However, there are those times or situations where having a firearm is either impractical or unrealistic, and so, we look at some of the options available. You can find the list that I reference here: Non-Firearm Defensive Weapons. I’m not sure if I made it clear in the podcast, but simply having a weapon, whether a gun or … Continue reading

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Non-Firearm Defense Options

Non-Firearm Defense Options Keep in mind that non-firearm weapons have much less range and are not as effective in stopping an attacker. If you are looking into non-lethal or non-firearm weapons because you don’t want to hurt or kill anyone, you need to do some deep thinking on the topic. Anyone that breaks into your home, especially if they know that you’re inside, intends to harm you, one way or another. Whatever the reason they decide to enter your home, the fact that they do so knowing that you’re inside tells you that they aren’t afraid of you and will … Continue reading

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Episode 145 – Developing MAGs and Teams

            Last week, we covered some tips on reaching out to neighbors without tipping your hand that you’re a prepper. Once you find some like-minded people, you’ll probably start thinking about forming a group, as having people you can trust at your back is highly desirable and worthwhile in a survival situation. But, how to go about setting up your newly founded group? In this podcast, I cover the difference between MAGs and Teams, but mostly MAGs.  The MAG, or Mutual Assistance Group, concept is more flexible for most people, especially those preppers that are looking for … Continue reading

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Episode 143 – Finding and Building Neighborhood Preppers

            Neighborhood Reach – Reaching out to your neighbors as a prepper. Notes for this podcast: One of the big issues that we as preppers have is maintaining OpSec while finding people who are of like mind.  IOW, how do we find other people that are interested in preparedness, or might be interested, without exposing that you’re a prepper with a household of food. Because there are many people that are new to prepping who have started listening to this podcast, I want to take a moment to explain what OpSec is. OpSec stands for Operational … Continue reading

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Episode 136 – Learning Basic Survival Skills

            Chris from Australia, who’s 14, wrote me to ask what can he do to get better prepared even though he’s not able to buy equipment yet. Even if you don’t have the money to start buying equipment and supplies, there is still a lot you can do to get prepared.  One of the most important things you can do is learn as much as you can, starting with the basic survival skills.  Much of this information is free in libraries and can be practiced out in the wilderness for either free or very low cost. … Continue reading

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Episode 117 – What To Expect In A Crisis

            In this podcast, I lay out another foundational aspect of preparing by going over the common things that you can expect to happen in a major disaster.  Not that everything on this list occurs in every crisis, but you should go through the list and make sure that your prepared for these things.  Especially mentally.  Most of us have never experienced a major disaster or “war zone” and aren’t prepared for the harsh reality of what follows a disastrous event. Environmental: Fires Collapsed and damaged buildings Electrical shorts Gas leaks Smoke and or dust Communications … Continue reading

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Episode 86 – Bugging Back

Bugging Back is a term used to mean getting back to your home. In many cases, and probably most cases, you’re not going to be bugging out of town, but trying to get back to your family. This is particularly true for people who don’t work at home, as most events will not require you to bug out from your home, but you’ll definitely want to get back to it. In order to bug back, I see there are 3 basic levels of preparedness for this. It starts what with many call the “everyday carry” level of gear, which is … Continue reading

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Episode 76 – The New Colony

Rob and Mike discuss points about the new “Colony” on Discovery Channel and apply it to the real world.  Sometimes it helps to watch what other people do to learn what to do and, in this case, what not to do.  I think it airs on Tuesdays, but check your local listings.  You can also view it online. Things we noticed in the first two episodes of “The Colony:” no guns no fortified defense no leadership no firewatch being too friendly to strangers The first and most glaring thing to us was that there were no guns.  If like either … Continue reading

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