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Valuable Skills for Dealing with Medical Emergencies

Although the body sometimes gives us warning signs when things are wrong, you can’t always predict when an emergency will arise. A medical emergency can happen to you or anyone around you at any point, so knowing how to respond is key. Responding effectively can mean the difference between life and death in an extreme case. In other instances, having the right knowledge could minimize an injury or pain.  There are certain skills that could make you more equipped to respond to emergencies. They aren’t ones that certain people are born with, but instead, ones that everyone can learn. If … Continue reading

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Getting Ready for the Coming Wild Economic Ride – Part 1

Undoubtedly, you’ve seen the recent shakeup in the news on how the Fed is thinking about tightening up the free money they’ve been handing out to bankers. The purpose of all this printed money, we were told, was to give the economy time to heal itself and thus avoid an economic collapse. Trillions of dollars were given to Wall Streeters and bankers, yet we have little to show for it. The media has long ignored the fact that this injection of money hasn’t accomplished anything but keep friends of the Fed in a constant supply of cash. This is, of … Continue reading

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Information on Freezing Foods

While writing a tip for the weekly prep tip email, I came across some good information that I wanted to pass along.  There are three PDFs put out by the North Dakota and Iowa State University Extensions about freezing foods.  Being one to never to pass up databasing great prep information, I also downloaded them to my computer and stuck them into my notes database. Additionally, I uploaded them to this website, and am putting the links to both the PDFs here and in their original locations. I’m archiving the PDFs here on this site because information sometimes goes missing … Continue reading

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The Normalcy Bias

The Normalcy Bias [ I took this information was taken directly from the Chippewa County Health Department website, as it’s a perfect description of what the Normalcy Bias is.  It’s a very good explanation of what this is and how it effects people. ] The normalcy bias is also known as the ostrich effect. It is also sometimes known as the incredulity response and analysis paralysis. In situations of extreme danger, some people enter a mental state that is known as the normalcy bias. In this state, people deny that what is happening to them is really taking place. The normalcy … Continue reading

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The Four Phases of Emergency Management

It’s important to understand that there are distinct stages, or phases, to surviving through an emergency.  These are called The Four Phases of Emergency Management and they are: Mitigation Mitigation is preventing disasters or taking steps to lessen the impact of unavoidable disasters.  Ideally, mitigation should occur before an emergency happens.  However, mitigation and preparedness sometimes do not occur until after a disaster happens and repairs are being made; this is quite common in the corporate world.  This is also often seen in government agencies where there is a tendency not to notice a potential disaster until it strikes.  All … Continue reading

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