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Ready Quick Mix PDF

Got this link from one of the members of the Preparedness 101 Meetup group here in AZ.  If you live in the Phoenix valley area, this is a great group to join.  They have twice monthly meetings and give out really good prepping info. This is a great little PDF on how to mix your own Bisquick type of mix, and it also has a bunch of recipes for using the mix.  The PDF also shows the nutrition for each of the recipes.  If you go through these recipes now, it will give you an idea of the items that … Continue reading

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EMP Means Hand Tools

Last night at the Prep 101 meeting, Fred and I were giving a class on the effects of EMP, or Electromagnetic Pulse.  Specifically, we were discussing what EMP is, what the effects are if it were to happen, and what you can do to protect your gear from it. I’ll be getting into these topics later, both on the podcast and this site in the not-too-distant future, but one of the members had a question that showed he was connecting the dots.  His question was, “If the pulse of the EMP is going to take out the power grid, should … Continue reading

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