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Episode 189 – Carrington Non-Event, The Coming Pandemic, To Ham or Not To Ham

MP3 Audio [12 MB]DownloadShow URL -= PODCAST TOPICS =- Carrington-level event near miss – False! Notes for this section: Recently, EMPAct America released a statement that we had a near miss of a Carrington-level event: “There had been a near miss about two weeks ago, a Carrington-class coronal mass ejection crossed the orbit of the Earth and basically just missed us,” said Peter Vincent Pry. Turns out, this was wrong. What was he thinking? The news that we had a near-miss in inaccurate. In a newsletter from SpaceWeather.com, they had this to say about the Carrington-sized near-miss event: QUIET SUN: … Continue reading

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Episode 188 – Gun Rules, Lethal Force Follow Up and Information Privacy

MP3 Audio [17 MB]DownloadShow URL -= PODCAST TOPICS =- Data Security and Privacy Notes for this section: Encrypting your communications Tails, The Amnesic Incognito Live System https://tails.boum.org Anonymous searching – duckduckgo.com There are also browser plugins that can alert you to tracking as well as block these. attempts 4 Gun Safety Rules Notes for this section: Good reminder All gun accidents break one of these rules.  If you follow these rules, you will never have an accident. ALWAYS treat every weapon as if it is loaded. NEVER put your finger on the trigger until you are ready to fire. NEVER … Continue reading

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Non-Firearm Defense Options

Non-Firearm Defense Options Keep in mind that non-firearm weapons have much less range and are not as effective in stopping an attacker. If you are looking into non-lethal or non-firearm weapons because you don’t want to hurt or kill anyone, you need to do some deep thinking on the topic. Anyone that breaks into your home, especially if they know that you’re inside, intends to harm you, one way or another. Whatever the reason they decide to enter your home, the fact that they do so knowing that you’re inside tells you that they aren’t afraid of you and will … Continue reading

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Episode 166 – Mobile Apps For Preppers

MP3 Audio [27 MB]DownloadShow URL             Mobile technology and software has advanced enough that it’s a force multiplier for preppers. We should take advantage of this as much as possible, given that we can have a massive amount of information at our fingertips. -= PODCAST TOPICS =- Mobile Apps for Preppers – What to keep on your mobile devices Notes for this section: First, keep in mind that I use iOS devices and have no idea how many of these are available on other platforms, like Android. However, I suspect that a good number of these … Continue reading

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Episode 156 – Family Communications Plan, Part 2

MP3 Audio [11 MB]DownloadShow URL             This is part 2 of continuing to talk about a Family Communications Plan.  In this podcast, we continue covering the various types of radios that are available, using dead drops and other aspects of putting a plan together.  This podcast was broken into two parts for convenience and not based on subject matter.  They should be listened to together, as they are a complete topic. Part 2 Continuing with radio types FRS – Family Radio Service Is in the UHF band, and is limited to one-half watt.  Also, you can … Continue reading

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Episode 155 – Family Communications Plan, Part 1

MP3 Audio [12 MB]DownloadShow URL             This is part 1 of discussing a Family Communications Plan.  The main question people have is how they can communicate with their family during a disaster or time when the phone lines aren’t working.  This podcast was broken into two parts for convenience and not based on subject matter.  They should be listened to together, as they are a complete topic. Part 1 Why you should have a Family Communications Plan (FCP) Communication options cell phone voice texting email How to communicate in a crisis? Typically, when there’s an disaster … Continue reading

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Episode 152 – Prepping Commonalities, Three Utility Fast Pack Bags

MP3 Audio [18 MB]DownloadShow URL             Covering several topics: The common things in preparing; Three utility bags worth grabbing when you bug-out; Cordage bag, Stake bag, Tarp bag. -= PODCAST TOPICS =- Prepping Commonalities – Preparedness Overlap Notes for this podcast: You should have noticed, by now, that there is a lot of overlap when getting prepared for the variety of events that can happen. Recognizing this should make your prepping a little easier, and because these are common to nearly all disasters, they should be the first things you work on. Things that aren’t a … Continue reading

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Episode 151 – Winterizing Your Vehicle

MP3 Audio [18 MB]DownloadShow URL             Regular vehicle maintenance is important and getting your car or truck ready for winter is especially important.  Here is a summary of the things you should be doing. -= PODCAST SHOW NOTES =- Holidays are here, but don’t stop prepping – Here’s what you should be working on Food storage Stocking up on tangible items that are likely to increase in price: food, especially bulk goods, long term foods, and cooking staples (salt, sugar, spices, yeast, etc.) clothes, shoes, etc. Stock up on sundries and toiletries, as they’re cheap enough … Continue reading

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Episode 143 – Finding and Building Neighborhood Preppers

MP3 Audio [12 MB]DownloadShow URL             Neighborhood Reach – Reaching out to your neighbors as a prepper. Notes for this podcast: One of the big issues that we as preppers have is maintaining OpSec while finding people who are of like mind.  IOW, how do we find other people that are interested in preparedness, or might be interested, without exposing that you’re a prepper with a household of food. Because there are many people that are new to prepping who have started listening to this podcast, I want to take a moment to explain what OpSec … Continue reading

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Episode 142 – Lessons from Hurricane Sandy

MP3 Audio [13 MB]DownloadShow URL               Things We Can Learn from Hurricane Sandy Notes for this podcast: Here are some observations: Hurricane Sandy hit Monday night, Oct 29th 2012, and only a few days later, there are some important lessons that preppers can learn from it. The disasters that cause the biggest problems are those that we don’t expect. Initially, Sandy wasn’t expected to make landfall in the US, or if it did, it wasn’t expected to be anything more than a tropical storm.  Then, suddenly, it strengthened and sped up, making a 90 degree … Continue reading

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