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How To Survive the Next Pandemic

With the coronavirus currently raging, it’s important to consider how individuals, local governments, and the world as a whole are ready to face the threat of a catastrophic global pandemic. A Brief History of Pandemics People have gotten sick for time out of mind. It doesn’t matter if someone is an ancient Greek philosopher, a Medieval serf, a king of England or a 20th-century American, sooner or later sickness and disease comes a’knockin.  While it’s impossible to include an accurate timeline of all of the major diseases that have swept the globe throughout history, a few of the major events … Continue reading

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Yet another Swine Flue status update page….

http://all-hands.net/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=2418&Itemid=121 -Greg Trent

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National Swine Flu status page…

Follow the link, updated information on a single page. http://www.vuetoo.com/vue1/Situationpagenews.asp?af=&sit=4540&z=&np=&tp=14 -Greg

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