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Extremely Important Aspect About Nuclear Reactors And EMP-CME Events

(You can also listen to the podcast on EMP and EMP Protection.) Be sure to check out the videos I did that demonstrates shielding against a 50,000 watt AM signal, and the Surviving EMP Mini-Guide: The Preparedness Podcast Mini-Guide: Surviving EMP [Kindle Edition] ebook Testing Faraday shielding for EMP, part 1 Testing Faraday shielding for EMP, part 2 Testing Faraday shielding for EMP, part 3 There is a little talked about, but extremely important aspect what an EMP attack or major CME event would have on nuclear reactors.  If your home or retreat area is near a nuclear reactor, you need … Continue reading

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Are Power Plants Vulnerable To Hackers?

Actually, I think they’ve already been hacked.  Two or three years ago, there was a string of “incidents” at nuclear power plants in several different countries within days of each other (as in, several per day, per country).  When you read why these plants were shut down, all of them were due to a “mysterious condition” that caused issues with the controlling equipment. If you’ve seen this video about the diesel generator being hacked and destroying itself, this starts to make more sense.  The infrastructure of the power plants, and for that matter all of the US utilities, is so … Continue reading

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