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QE3: Get Ready For Hyperinflation!

Here’s a recipe for disaster: “…the Fed will keep injecting money into the economy until growth picks up and unemployment starts dropping significantly.” QE1 and QE2 didn’t work, so now we need QE3. You would think that they’d learn, but remember, these are the same people that didn’t see the 2008 Recession coming and said that everything was fine. Until it wasn’t fine. Not to mention, can you point to anyone, besides bankers, that was actually helped by QE1 or 2? Me neither. [From QE3: Reactions to the Fed’s big stimulus move – ] On Thursday, the Federal Reserve announced yet … Continue reading

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Wait, the U.S. economy actually lost 1.2 million jobs in July?

This is the sort of thing I was talking about in a previous post. The jobs data is skewed to look better than it is because we don’t want any investors to get spooked and crash the markets. As preppers, we need to be able to dig through the fluff and find the truth. In this case, despite the rosy spin, the jobs data still isn’t looking all that good. And as we’ve covered in a past podcast, if there aren’t more jobs being created, the economy can’t improve much, if any. [From Wait, the U.S. economy actually lost 1.2 … Continue reading

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Unemployment Increases to 8.3% in July 2012

Another indicator that the economy is still weak and faltering.  No matter what people are saying, rising unemployment is a bad sign. U.S. Adds 163,000 Jobs In July; Unemployment Rate Rises To 8.3% All of the news articles on this are suggesting that the news is good, because the forecast was only for 100,000 jobs added and there were actually 163,000 jobs created.  Keep in mind that all of this economic news is not for your consumption, it’s for Wall-Streeters and investors not the average person.  Market news is for the market, which is why you often see the markets … Continue reading

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100 Million People in Poverty

I came across this article recently and it floored me.  I’ve had some trouble trying to validate that there are 100 million people in the US that are at or below the poverty level, though I am easily finding data that shows, at least, 50 million Americans are living in poverty. Even at 50 million, that’s an astonishing level of poverty.  That’s 1 in 6 people.  At 100 million, that would be 1 in 3 people.  Both of those figures are amazingly revealing on what’s going on with the economy.  As in, it’s not getting better, despite what we’re hearing … Continue reading

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