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Why Being Prepared is Better

Given the name of this website and the podcast, it’s fairly obvious that I am a proponent of being prepared. While I derived this opinion from decades of personal experience, looking at the major disasters over the past few years should make it obvious, to even the casual observer, that individual preparedness is the key to making it through a disaster or crisis event. Individual preparedness can also lead to community preparedness, where we could all gain from being a country of self reliant people. When you’re prepared, not only do you have the things that your family will need, … Continue reading

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Here’s What Upper West Siders Hoard When Natural Disasters Approach

Here’s a short, but good photo essay on the mad dash for food in New York.  Imagine waiting in line at the grocery store with 100 or 200 other people, hoping that there will be something left by the time you get inside.  how people can go through this cycle again and again and not learn to be prepared, even on a basic level, is beyond me. How about you?  What’s your take on this? [From West Side Rag » Here’s What Upper West Siders Hoard When Natural Disasters Approach – ] At the first sign of danger, Upper West Siders tend … Continue reading

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