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Aquaponics for Prepping

AQUAPONICS FOR PREPPING By Anthony Faircloth (Author’s note: Please note that the system I describe below is a large “backyard” aquaponics system and is not to be confused with an extensive commercial system.) The Dream Imagine that you have the ability to walk to a building, such as a barn or a greenhouse or even an inside room like your basement, where you harvest a few pounds of fish. Right after you pull the fish out of the tank you take a few steps and harvest a salad by clipping off the leaves of several types of leaf lettuce, pulling a … Continue reading

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Non-Firearm Defense Options

Non-Firearm Defense Options Keep in mind that non-firearm weapons have much less range and are not as effective in stopping an attacker. If you are looking into non-lethal or non-firearm weapons because you don’t want to hurt or kill anyone, you need to do some deep thinking on the topic. Anyone that breaks into your home, especially if they know that you’re inside, intends to harm you, one way or another. Whatever the reason they decide to enter your home, the fact that they do so knowing that you’re inside tells you that they aren’t afraid of you and will … Continue reading

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Quick List on Executable File Extensions – Updated

An executable file is a computer that has the ability to run a set of commands on your computer. By now, you should know that any app or program that can run on your computer can contain viruses. And these viruses can create havoc on your computer system. Every time you download a file from the Internet, or copy a file to your computer (from a USB drive, CD, etc.), you should be concerned on whether that file is going to infect your computer. Recently, I came across this web page that lists many of the executable file types. There … Continue reading

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Surviving EMP Mini-Guide Now Available in PDF!

The Preparedness Podcast Mini Guide on Surviving an EMP attack or XME Impact is now available as a instant downloadable PDF! One of the common requests I’ve had was to release the EMP book in print and as a PDF. The PDF version is available now by clicking in the image, or on the Add To Cart button below. We hope to have the print version available soon!   The book is still available as a Kindle book from Amazon by clicking here. Book Description:  In a blink of an eye, life as you know it can change forever. In the … Continue reading

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Surviving EMP – Faraday Box Testing – Part 3

This is part three of my three-part video series on testing Faraday shielding. In this video, I show how many layers of aluminum foil it takes to successfully shield a 50,000 watt AM signal, while standing at the base of the stations antenna array. Be sure to check out Part 1 for an explanation on why this testing is far superior than using a cell phone or ‘walkie-talkie’ for testing the shielding effectiveness. This was part of the research I did for the The Preparedness Podcast Mini-Guide: Surviving EMP [Kindle Edition] ebook. Relavent links: The Preparedness Podcast Mini-Guide: Surviving EMP [Kindle Edition] ebook … Continue reading

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How Long Do You Freeze Food?

To be honest, while I don’t have a definitive answer to that question, I can tell you from experience that it’s at least 7 years! We have two deep freezers and try to keep them stocked with the foods that we eat on a daily basis. We’ve tried freezing nearly everything: meat, milk, cheese, bread, veggies, etc. Not everything we’ve tried freezing was successful, but it’s actually surprising how long food can be preserved by freezing. The trick is to make sure that there is as little air around the food as possible. If the food already has a vacuum … Continue reading

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