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A Prepper Guide For Seniors

Prepper guides are generally created with a wide demographic in mind. However, they can become even more practical when tailored to meet more individualized needs. One demographic in particular, seniors, seem to often lack specialized prepping guides.  There are several special considerations to take into account for seniors (or family members of seniors) who are working towards being well-prepped and safe. Some of these considerations include assisted living vs. independent living, access to healthcare, and mobility.  With these in mind, seniors can have a more inclusive prepper guide that will help them perfect the art of survival. Cover All of … Continue reading

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I came across this from many of the medical oriented sites that I frequent.  It’s Something that has remained, to my knowledge, out of the main stream media while the AIG diversion is being paraded around.  Take a minutes to read the article.  Pay close attention to CBO’s report on an estimated Obama budget, it’s shocking.  The article also discusses the impact on health care and providers, and while many folks tend to see physicians and rich or well to do, they are taking hits in their income because of this. Medicare reimbursement is already dismal, further cuts only makes … Continue reading

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