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A Top Vital Prepping Skill: Adopting Healthy Habits

When the topic of prepping is brought up, it’s typically associated with stereotypical concepts like stored food and underground bunkers. And there’s no question that more advanced prepping like this is necessary if you want to be ready for the worst.  If you want to genuinely prep for any world-altering disasters that might come your way, though, there’s one easily-overlooked skill that should never be ignored: adopting healthy habits. Why Do Healthy Habits Matter for a Prepper? The idea of maintaining a “healthy habit” is critical to prepping success for a few reasons.  For starters, most prepping is very focused … Continue reading

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Why Physical Fitness is an Important Factor in Your Preparedness Plan

As a prepper, you know the ins and outs of everything you need to get through just about any disaster or emergency situation. You’ve stocked up on supplies, you’ve got a preparedness plan in place, and even your entire family knows what to do if disaster strikes. But, what if you’re forgetting one very important key to your preparedness plan? Yourself.  The obesity rate in America is 44.8% among middle-aged adults. Being that overweight can contribute to everything from diabetes and heart disease to high blood pressure and joint/muscle issues. You wouldn’t want to carry around 50+ extra pounds of … Continue reading

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Fat, Fit, and otherwise

So I’m standing around the other day chatting with the nice ladies in our Occupational Health department when I, quite absentmindedly, I rubbed my hands over my belly (which seems to have come from nowhere) and exclaimed, “I’m getting fat!”  Always one for a little self-deprecation I was taken aback when the nurse I was speaking with looked me right in the face and said, “yup!, I was just noticing”…sigh… I’ve been out of shape and overweight for far too long, and well, it’s just laziness on my part.  What else can I say? Now, I’m not going to give … Continue reading

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