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How to Prepare for Injuries Before and After Doomsday

The very basis of prepping and survival is to ensure that you and your loved ones live long and healthy lives, regardless of what happens in the world around you. If you’re serious about making it through a major event that upsets society as we know it, knowing how to react to and treat injuries is vital to your success. Even a seemingly minor injury can slow you or someone in your group down, making it impossible to accomplish necessary tasks. It can even be proven to be deadly if treated improperly. One of the best ways to make sure … Continue reading

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A Prepper Guide For Seniors

Prepper guides are generally created with a wide demographic in mind. However, they can become even more practical when tailored to meet more individualized needs. One demographic in particular, seniors, seem to often lack specialized prepping guides.  There are several special considerations to take into account for seniors (or family members of seniors) who are working towards being well-prepped and safe. Some of these considerations include assisted living vs. independent living, access to healthcare, and mobility.  With these in mind, seniors can have a more inclusive prepper guide that will help them perfect the art of survival. Cover All of … Continue reading

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IFAK’s, Blow Out Kits, and home made first aid kits

I was speaking with Mike the Medic last night, going over some new developments with first aid kits. Most of us have seen the military First Aid Kits, and the Improved First Aid Kits (IFAK) that are out there. Various models of these have been used for many years, and within the last decade or so we’ve seen the common addition of some kind of clotting agent in these kits. From Celox to QuikClot to Hemcon, they all have pluses and minuses to consider, but they’re all available on the open market. I’m not a medic, so if you’re going … Continue reading

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