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Fire Extinguisher Info PDF

Here’s another good resource I came across in PDF form.  It’s a good bit of information to have when going to buy a fire extinguisher and tips on using one. Here’s the original link: Fire Extinguishers. As I alway try to do, I also download the PDF and archive it on this website, so that if it disappears, it’s still available here: Fire Extinguishers PDF          

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How Fast Does Fire Spread – Crazy Fast!

Came across this while writing an article for my weekly tips and just had to post it to share.  Luckily, I’ve never been in a house fire, but being in various emergency services, I’ve seen these demonstrations before.  They never cease to amaze me at how fast fire can destroy. If you haven’t seen how fast a fire can spread – heck, even if you have seen it before – watch this video so you know why it’s important to prepare for this with a Home Escape Bag, a fire plan and fire drills.  

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Weekly Preparedness Project 1

Weekly preparedness project, #1.  These weekly projects help you get better prepared by outlining a specific task or goal to accomplish for the week.  By doing a little each week, you can greatly increase your preparedness level over time. This week’s project is to create a Home Escape Bag for everyone in your family.  This bag is what you grab as you are escaping a burning house.  It’s intended to be stored at or near the beds, so you can quickly grab it if a fire breaks out in the middle of the night. Every member of your family should … Continue reading

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Episode 114 – Home Escape Bag

MP3 Audio [15 MB]DownloadShow URL             In this first podcast of the new series, I talk about making a Home Escape Bag for everyone in your household. The main purpose of the Home Escape Bag is to have something that you can quickly grab in the event of a fire or other disaster where you need to evacuate your house, especially at night when you are in bed and your reaction time is very low. Every person in your home should have one of these bags near their bed, ready to grab. Even little kids and … Continue reading

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About 10 minutes ago, all the smoke detectors went off in my house. Luckily, there was no fire, nor even smoke, but there was plenty of adrenaline. My house is wired with the type of detectors that are powered by grid power (and batteries) and when one goes off, they all go off. Let me tell you, one fire alarm is loud, many fire alarms is deafening.  My ears are still ringing, literally. The trigger point was the detector in my home office, which I was currently in when it went off. I haven’t determined what set off the alarm yet, though I … Continue reading

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