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Episode 164 – Back To Basics – The 72-Hour Survival Kit

MP3 Audio [17 MB]DownloadShow URL             -= PODCAST TOPICS =- The 72-Hour Survival Kit – Part of the Back To Basics Series Notes for this section: See Also: Episode 122 – Back To Basics – The Basic Survival Kit Purpose The concept of the 72 hour kit has been around for a long time. It’s purpose is to provide a small amount of supplies that would allow you to survive for 3 days without support from outside help. In truth, 72 hours, or 3 days, is woefully inadequate for the amount of time you would need … Continue reading

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Episode 160 – 59 Things to put in your Sundries Kit

MP3 Audio [14 MB]DownloadShow URL             A sundry is a miscellaneous item that isn’t important enough to list individually. We use them daily, like soap, deodorant, cotton swabs, etc. It’s easy to put together a kit that has enough sundries to last you 3 months or so. Here are 59 sundries to add to your kit. You could also call this a personal hygiene, sanitation or comfort kit, depending on your preference. But the goal of this kit is to give you the items that you need on a daily basis. They’re usually small and I … Continue reading

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Episode 154 – Frozen Pizzas, Hot Sauce, Food Storage and Other Musings

MP3 Audio [14 MB]DownloadShow URL             Okay, this podcast isn’t really about frozen pizzas or hot sauce, though they are briefly mentioned in the podcast.  In general, I didn’t have a cohesive topic for this podcast and ended up talking about food storage, canning meat, and the different types of food storage.  I also talk about a listeners question about whether he should pay of debt first before building up preps, and several other semi-related topics.     This podcast was sponsored by:

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Episode 142 – Lessons from Hurricane Sandy

MP3 Audio [13 MB]DownloadShow URL               Things We Can Learn from Hurricane Sandy Notes for this podcast: Here are some observations: Hurricane Sandy hit Monday night, Oct 29th 2012, and only a few days later, there are some important lessons that preppers can learn from it. The disasters that cause the biggest problems are those that we don’t expect. Initially, Sandy wasn’t expected to make landfall in the US, or if it did, it wasn’t expected to be anything more than a tropical storm.  Then, suddenly, it strengthened and sped up, making a 90 degree … Continue reading

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Will You Survive a Collapse Crisis?

Charlie McGrath of WideAwakeNews.com did an excellent video essay on getting home safely. In this video, Charlie shows how having a Get Home Bag, which is his EDC – Every Day Carry, and a plan to get home via an alternate route can keep you much safer than trying to face whatever upheaval is happening in the city. Have you made your plan to get back home? Do you carry a Get Home Bag with you all the time? you can also watch it on YouTube here: http://youtu.be/lmudsLgEvWM

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Episode 132 – Organizing Your Storage and Preparedness Supplies

MP3 Audio [19 MB]DownloadShow URL             One of the listeners wrote in with a great question about how to storage and organizing his preps more efficiently, as he found himself buying multiple items. I decided to respond in the podcast, as it made a great topic for discussion. Notes for this podcast: A listener wrote in a great question: Tony writes: “I’ve been really struggling with organizing my preps in terms of physical storage lately.  I was curious of your take on methods that work for you in terms of organization. I have a list and … Continue reading

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Episode 122 – Back To Basics – The Basic Survival Kit

MP3 Audio [16 MB]DownloadShow URL              Basic Survival Kit Sometimes, we get so wrapped up in trying to be prepared that we overlook the more basic items of our plans. Such is the case when I recently realized that I hadn’t covered a basic survival kit yet. I have lists and lists about what to put in survival kits, and I have many lists for the items that I have in my kits, but as I recently was writing a different article for this website and went to refer back to a list of basic survival … Continue reading

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Preparedness For Pets

Planning for when a disaster or tragedy strikes can be overwhelming. While most people consider their pets to be a part of their family, it can be easy to forget to have emergency preparations for them, too. Remember, If it is not safe for you and your family, it’s not safe for your pet. If a disaster hits, and you need to evacuate, always take your pets with you. Pets left behind can be injured lost or killed. It’s important to remember, though, that official disaster shelters do not allow pets and you’ll have to make other arrangements for your … Continue reading

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National Preparedness Month Checklist

September is National Preparedness Month! As preppers, this is the month that we can claim as our own; Yay! What does that mean for us preppers? As I think that preppers are some of the smartest bears in the forest, we should use this month to help educate others on the importance of being prepared. Even if we only get one person to be a little better prepared for emergencies and disasters, we will have helped one more person. Every person we help get prepared is one less person that might be knocking on our door during the crisis. Some … Continue reading

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Episode 116 – The EDC/Urban Pack

MP3 Audio [7 MB]DownloadShow URL             This podcast we cover The Urban Pack, which is part of your EDC, or Everyday Carry. The EDC Pack – Extending your EDC or Everyday Carry Notes from this podcast: EDC means Everyday Carry and typically refers to items you carry on your person everyday. For example, my EDC is: Wallet Cell phone, text capable ID Money, credit / debit cards Flashlight (not your phone) Lighter Knife Bandana Multi-tool Cordage Chapstick Contact list, non-digital (phone numbers, emails, etc.) If I’m headed out to the field, I add a watch and … Continue reading

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