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What Can We Expect in a Disaster or Major Emergency

When I was in EmComm (Emergency Communications), there was a list that was passed around as a way of helping emergency coordinators make better plans for disasters. I originally found the information online here: http://www.races.org/docs/msg002.htm, though now it seems this page exists here: http://www.races.org/reading/msg002.htm. The following list is primarily for emergency communicators, but it’s applicable to all emergency situations. It’s point-of-view is that of the emergency rescuers and coordinators, but you can easily extrapolate each of these to a personal POV and see how the reality and the plan often differ greatly. The need to over-prepare is emphasized, whether on … Continue reading

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Episode 157 – Doomsday 2012

            Having a discussion on the importance of not falling prey to the various doomsday predictions. Talking about the many doomsday predictions that currently are making the rounds with people. More importantly, I discuss the importance of not falling for these types of rumors, as they can distract you from your preparedness plan. This might be the last podcast for the year. Though I might be able to get another podcast out next week, I’m going to assume that it’ll be next year before there’s a new podcast. Just wanted to let everyone. Have a Merry Christmas! … Continue reading

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Episode 146 – Current Events for November 11, 2012 and a Glimpse Into a Disaster Aftermath

            Taking a look at some of the things we’ve seen in the aftermath of the “super storm” Sandy.  Particularly, we should be looking at how people are reacting and what they are doing.  This can give us a good insight into the types of things we’ll have to deal with during a disaster.  I also discuss some other current events. Notes for this podcast: Things that we are seeing in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy: destroyed homes no electricity food spoilage no food or clean water no sanitation where are people pooping? violence, anger and … Continue reading

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Report: People Trading Gas For Sex On Craigslist

How far would go to get gas?  Would you trade sex for it?  Apparently, some people think that it’s a worthwhile trade.  This shouldn’t really be a surprise, as when resources – food, clean water, fuel, security – are in short supply, people will go to any length to secure whatever resources that they need. [From Report: People Trading Gas For Sex On Craigslist « CBS New York – ] How far would go to get gas? Long gas stationlines and empty gas pumps have plagued drivers across New York and New Jersey since Superstorm Sandy slammed into the East Coast … Continue reading

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Episode 141 – Stages of a Disaster and Trigger Events

              Here are the show notes for Episode 141. Upcoming Election Just as a side note, Keep in mind that regardless of who gets elected as president, they cannot stop the coming economic collapse. There’s too much damage that’s been done to the economy for too many decades for a single administration to be able to fix it. It would be great if the next presidential administration, regardless of who it is, would enact measures to start us in the right direction. Though, we all know that it’s not likely to happen. Just wanted to … Continue reading

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Will You Survive a Collapse Crisis?

Charlie McGrath of WideAwakeNews.com did an excellent video essay on getting home safely. In this video, Charlie shows how having a Get Home Bag, which is his EDC – Every Day Carry, and a plan to get home via an alternate route can keep you much safer than trying to face whatever upheaval is happening in the city. Have you made your plan to get back home? Do you carry a Get Home Bag with you all the time? you can also watch it on YouTube here: http://youtu.be/lmudsLgEvWM

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Episode 117 – What To Expect In A Crisis

            In this podcast, I lay out another foundational aspect of preparing by going over the common things that you can expect to happen in a major disaster.  Not that everything on this list occurs in every crisis, but you should go through the list and make sure that your prepared for these things.  Especially mentally.  Most of us have never experienced a major disaster or “war zone” and aren’t prepared for the harsh reality of what follows a disastrous event. Environmental: Fires Collapsed and damaged buildings Electrical shorts Gas leaks Smoke and or dust Communications … Continue reading

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The Four Phases of Emergency Management

It’s important to understand that there are distinct stages, or phases, to surviving through an emergency.  These are called The Four Phases of Emergency Management and they are: Mitigation Mitigation is preventing disasters or taking steps to lessen the impact of unavoidable disasters.  Ideally, mitigation should occur before an emergency happens.  However, mitigation and preparedness sometimes do not occur until after a disaster happens and repairs are being made; this is quite common in the corporate world.  This is also often seen in government agencies where there is a tendency not to notice a potential disaster until it strikes.  All … Continue reading

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Episode 96 – Thoughts on the Nuclear Crisis Happening in Japan

Every day the crisis of Japan’s nuclear reactors that were damaged in the earthquake and tsunami gets worse. Currently, one of the reactors is on fire and there’s no way to know how much radiation the reactor is leaking and whether it will stay localized or of it poses a threat to other countries. If you don’t have potassium iodide or iodate now, good luck finding any. Probably the only sources available are from the ‘greedsters’ on eBay. This is why we prepare, so we have the resources available when a disaster or crisis event occurs. Once the event happens, … Continue reading

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Episode 70 – Big Earthquakes Getting Closer to USA

Continuing on an earlier podcast theme that we need to shift our preparedness focus to include those events that we didn’t think would affect us. We’re seeing changes in the earth sciences that’s causing us to widen the scope of disasters and events that we need to be prepared for.

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