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Getting Ready for the Coming Wild Economic Ride – Part 2

In part one, we just finished talking about reducing your material footprint, so that you start to wean yourself from the “luxury must-haves” that you consume now. This also goes for any vices you have. The sudden withdrawal from nicotine, alcohol and caffeine will change your behavior. The more vices you have, the more difficult you’ll have in coping without them. Start weaning yourself off them now. After the balloon pops on this economic bubble we’re in, common daily items are going to disappear fast, and after that, they’ll be in short supply. Look at any country that has gone … Continue reading

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Episode 185 – Getting Ready for the Coming Wild Economic Ride – Part 2

MP3 Audio [23 MB]DownloadShow URL Continuing the discussion on things to consider for getting ready for the economic collapse that we’re probably facing. Be sure to check out Episode 185 – Getting Ready for the Coming Wild Economic Ride – Part 1 In this portion, I discuss daily needs, relocation, tangible goods, and more. In the beginning of the podcast, I reference a podcast on the Fourth Turning. In a nutshell, the article and podcast comes down to the below, but check out the podcast and the Getting Ready for the Coming Wild Economic Ride – Part 2 article, too. Income … Continue reading

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Getting Ready for the Coming Wild Economic Ride – Part 1

Undoubtedly, you’ve seen the recent shakeup in the news on how the Fed is thinking about tightening up the free money they’ve been handing out to bankers. The purpose of all this printed money, we were told, was to give the economy time to heal itself and thus avoid an economic collapse. Trillions of dollars were given to Wall Streeters and bankers, yet we have little to show for it. The media has long ignored the fact that this injection of money hasn’t accomplished anything but keep friends of the Fed in a constant supply of cash. This is, of … Continue reading

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Episode 144 – What Can We Expect Going Forward After The Election

MP3 Audio [14 MB]DownloadShow URL             Now that the election is over, we need to move past the red and blue teams and take a realistic look at where we’re headed.  As I’ve mentioned before, it doesn’t matter who’s in charge, we’re still going to go over that financial cliff; and we need to be prepared for that. As I’ve mentioned several times, I don’t get into politics very often on the podcast because being prepared is non-political, as well as non-religious.  However, I think too many people have been assuming that things were going to … Continue reading

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Episode 139 – FAQ For Hyperinflation Skeptics with Vincent Cate Part 2

MP3 Audio [12 MB]DownloadShow URL             This is part 2 of my discussion with Vincent Cate about his FAQ on Hyperinflation for Skeptics.  This is one of the best FAQs I’ve seen on hyperinflation, as it dispenses with the big words that economists like to use in order to keep the public confused and befuddled about what’s happening in the economy. Part one of this interview can be found here: Episode 138 – FAQ For Hyperinflation Skeptics with Vincent Cate. You can also check out his other website: http://gold.ai.     This podcast was sponsored by:

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Episode 137 – Current Events for the Week of October 14, 2012

MP3 Audio [15 MB]DownloadShow URL             Before I go over the current events and news for this week, I want to mention that just because I have a link to a website, that it in no way means that I endorse the political views or any of the opinions on that website. I simply pull the information out where the information exists.  Sometimes this means that it might be on a pro-democrat site, or a pro-republican site, or a pro-libertarian site, or a pro-nobody-throw-all-the-bums-out website. Look past that, as I’m not trying to send any hidden … Continue reading

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Episode 131 – Hyperinflation Series Part 3 – Preparing For Hyperinflation Part B

MP3 Audio [10 MB]DownloadShow URL             Here is the third and final part of the hyperinflation series, and the second part of how to prepare for hyperinflation. Here are the links to the first two parts: Episode 128 – Hyperinflation Series Part 1 – What Is Hyperinflation? Episode 130 – Hyperinflation Series Part 2 – Preparing For Hyperinflation Part A   Rob Hanus’ Working Theory On Preparing For Hyperinflation: Here is my working theory on preparing for hyperinflation. Buy the common things you use now while they are still cheap.  Stock up on durables and consumables that have … Continue reading

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QE3 to Infinity – What Does It Mean?

What Was The QE3 Announcement – What Does It Mean? Here is what the Fed announced: The central bank will buy $40 billion of mortgage-backed securities a month, and is willing to take more action if the labor market doesn’t improve, its policy-setting committee said. The Fed also extended an existing stimulus effort known as Operation Twist, under which the central bank has been selling short-term bonds and using the proceeds to buy longer-term bonds in an effort to bring down long-term rates. Officials also said they expect to keep short-term interest rates near zero until at least mid-2015, past the … Continue reading

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More Than 100 Million Americans Are On Welfare

The first two rounds of Quantitative Easing haven’t done anything to improve the economy, only prolong the pain and agony that so many are now going through. The US economy cannot be doing well if we have this many people in dire straits: [From More Than 100 Million Americans Are On Welfare – ] There are more Americans dependent on the federal government than ever before in U.S. history.  According to the Survey of Income and Program Participation conducted by the U.S. Census, well over 100 million Americans are enrolled in at least one welfare program run by the federal government.  Many … Continue reading

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QE3: Get Ready For Hyperinflation!

Here’s a recipe for disaster: “…the Fed will keep injecting money into the economy until growth picks up and unemployment starts dropping significantly.” QE1 and QE2 didn’t work, so now we need QE3. You would think that they’d learn, but remember, these are the same people that didn’t see the 2008 Recession coming and said that everything was fine. Until it wasn’t fine. Not to mention, can you point to anyone, besides bankers, that was actually helped by QE1 or 2? Me neither. [From QE3: Reactions to the Fed’s big stimulus move – ] On Thursday, the Federal Reserve announced yet … Continue reading

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