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Dollar Suddenly Strengthens

I’m not sure what’s going on, as I haven’t had a chance to check the news. Though I’m not sure there would be any quite yet, as it just happened. On my Mac, I have Dashboard Widgets that keep tabs on the US Dollar and it’s value against the Euro and the US Dollar Index, as well as gold and silver prices. Something just happened and the Euro and Pound has tanked a bit against the Dollar, and gold and silver are seeing a substantial bump in spot price. Not sure what this means yet, but I’m guessing that the … Continue reading

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NASA – Curiosity Spotted on Parachute by Orbiter

NASA – Curiosity Spotted on Parachute by Orbiter This is really cool.  We landed another explorer robot on Mars.  I watched the news conference live early this morning and they were really stoked about it, as everything had worked perfectly in the landing. One thing I noted that was really nice to see, was a lot of pro-America sentiment among the scientists.

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