Surviving EMP Mini-Guide Now Available in PDF!


The Preparedness Podcast Mini Guide on Surviving an EMP attack or XME Impact is now available as a instant downloadable PDF!

One of the common requests I’ve had was to release the EMP book in print and as a PDF. The PDF version is available now by clicking in the image, or on the Add To Cart button below.

We hope to have the print version available soon!

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The book is still available as a Kindle book from Amazon by clicking here.

Book Description:  In a blink of an eye, life as you know it can change forever. In the aftermath of an EMP attack or a CME impact from the sun, the power grid will go down and it will be months or years before it is restored. In that time, millions of people will have starved to death. Both an EMP and a CME can permanently take down the power grid in the United States, leaving hundreds of millions of people without electricity, water, food, and medicine. Urban areas will soon erupt into violence, as people quickly learn that the electricity won’t be coming back. Worse yet, an EMP will also take out billions of electronic devices, including vehicles, by overloading the microchips with high voltage.

This Mini-Guide on EMP and EMP Protection, produced by the Preparedness Podcast, will give you information on what these events are and considerations for preparing for these events, including on how you can make your own Faraday cages to protect your electronic equipment. It includes the information researched and tested by the Preparedness Podcast and gives you a solid understanding of the danger facing us from two plausible grid-down scenarios.

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