Survival is Impossible Without Water pt 2

By Bison Pumps “the Power of Water in Your Hands”

bison-pump2Groundwater is the most accessible, dependable, and longest lasting form of potable water. In this article, we will explore the methods of accessing, conveying and storing groundwater.


Accessing ground water

Can anyone have a well, how do you know if you will hit an aquifer, what is hydrofracking, dousing,

Hand dug vs Drilled vs Well Point vs artisian (pros and cons)

Understanding physics of water removal – Physics of water removal – static water level

When using a hand pump, shallow well suction vs. deep well lift

Conveyance System:

The bucket

Electrical Equipment: Submersible vs. Jet Pump

Alternative: Wind and Solar

Hand Pump: Shallow, Deep, Inline



  • Using hand pump and submersible in same casing or inline
  • Pressurizing tanks and check valves
  • Cisterns

When a deposit of groundwater can be used sustainably as a water source by humans, it is known as an aquifer. Many people try to seek out contained aquifers, because the quality of the groundwater tends to be better when it is contained. Contained aquifers are at less risk of pollution, making the water safer to drink. In an unconfined aquifer, water can be tainted with chemicals, biological agents, feces, and other materials which are not desirable in drinking water.

One of the most common ways to access a deposit of groundwater is a well. Wells are drilled down into deposits of groundwater and pressurized so that the water bubbles to the surface, allowing people to use it. People can also dip buckets into wells to collect the water, as has been done historically. It is also possible to access groundwater through springs, which periodically bubble up with fresh groundwater. Historically, settlements have often been constructed around springs, to save the cost of sinking a well to supply a community.

A confined aquifer is an aquifer that is overlain by a relatively impermeable layer of rock or substrate such as an aquiclude or aquitard. If a confined aquifer follows a downward grade from its recharge zone, groundwater can become pressurized as it flows. This can create artesian wells that flow freely without the need of a pump and rise to a higher elevation than the static water table at the above, unconfined, aquifer.

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