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Starting Your Preparedness Plan, Part II — 2 Comments

    • The best way is probably to listen to the podcasts, starting at Episode 114. Most if not all of the info that is on this website are in the podcasts.

      Otherwise, for EMP, there is also the “Surviving EMP” book, which pretty much encapsulates all the info that you’ll find on the site and podcasts, but all in one place.

      If you’re looking for a way to get a “jump start” on your preps, I would recommend the Preparedness Capability Checklist book. It pretty much takes my entire philosophy on prepping and lays it all out in a concise format. The PCC book really is unlike any other prepping book as it will help you determine how prepared you are and will help you get better prepared by letting you find personal solutions for common survival tasks and capabilities.

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