Rural vs. Big City Life: Important Pros & Cons to Both

Guest Post by Dave Artman

If you’ve thought of moving, you might be stuck between considering rural life versus big city life. Which is better? The answer is a personal one, but it’s worth considering the pros and cons of each.


Living the Rural Life

  • Pro: Everything is quieter.

People think of the big city as smelly, unkempt, and, most of all, loud. Rural life is appreciated for the quiet it provides. No police sirens, car horns, or people screaming. Instead, you have nothing but the sound of grasshoppers, frogs, coyotes, and birds.

  • Con: Things are farther away.

That quiet might be pretty nice, but it might also mean that things are farther away. In this case, it might mean you have to drive 30 minutes to an hour just to do your grocery shopping. Or perhaps your children’s school is a 45-minute drive away, while your work is another hour in the opposite direction. The quiet life is nice, but it can prove to be a pain.

  • Pro: Space to enjoy.

Rural life has the greatest natural benefit: the outdoors! Rural areas tend to be less developed, which means there are far more spots for outdoor adventures and activities. Whether it’s a hike in the woods or a dip in a nearby lake, you can take the time to effectively escape into nature and enjoy the simplicity that Mother Earth has to offer.

  • Con: There’s very little social life.

The big cities have a great deal of nightlife, activities for weekend dates, and more; rural cities have very little to offer when it comes to supporting a social life. Maybe your town has a dive bar and a pizza shop or a square dance, but there might not be much else beyond that. For people acquainted with city life, it could take some serious getting used to.

  • Pro: There’s property for pets, wildlife, gardens and more.

Rural spaces provide you with a great deal of space, whether it’s property you own or natural property surrounding your land. Throughout your property, you can designate space for pets, build and maintain a larger garden, and support and cultivate the wildlife surrounding your home.

  • Con: Technology can be spotty.

While the natural elements of your rural world might be stellar, it might lead to you becoming further separated from modern society. Wi-Fi and television and cellphone signals tend to be weak to nonexistent, which can make it hard for people who work remotely or need to regularly make calls.

  • Pro: You’ll get to know everyone.

Rural areas tend to have small populations and, with these come more tight-knit communities. Thanks to this, you can build great relationships with people throughout your community, many of which could lead to you having a support system when you most need it.

  • Con: Everyone will get to know you.

It might feel fun to say greetings to everyone you see, but it can become tiresome over time. Perhaps it’s downtown gossip or the feeling that you have no personal privacy. Whatever it is, a small-enough town makes itself known.

Living the Big-City Life

  • Pro: Jobs are abundant.

Cities often attract many different types of businesses, corporations, and more. With each of these businesses comes a vast number of jobs available to potential employees. And, even if you end up having trouble finding work in your area of interest, you can manage to get a job at a cafe, bar, bookstore, and many other establishments.

  • Con: The cost of living is higher.

While the opportunities in the city are great, the cost of living can feel exorbitantly increased to meet it. For some people looking to make it with nothing to start, it can be nearly impossible. It’s all about giving it a shot and trying your best to make it, though.

  • Pro: Everything is within your reach.

People flock to the big city because of the amount of excitement going on at all times. Whether it’s live music, great restaurants, museums, or dancing clubs, there is something for you and a group of friends to do. Furthermore, it allows you the opportunity to meet so many new people on a daily basis.

  • Con: It’s loud and crowded.

City life can be a lot of fun, but it can also feel overwhelming. While it might be fun once you first move there, it might end up draining you after a while.

  • Pro: Public transport makes getting around easy.

Rather than relying on a car, having to drive thirty minutes to get to the nearest grocery store, you can get around by foot, bike, bus, or train with complete ease.

  • Con: Crime is more prevalent.

While it’s easier to get around and there are more people everywhere, there are also higher rates of crimes within urban environments. Unfortunate as it is, you should take measures to defend yourself, whether undergoing basic training for self-defense or carrying a can of pepper spray in your bag at all times.

  • Pro: You’ll never feel alone.

There will always be more people to meet. Looking to date or just get out of a long-term relationship? There are so many fish in the sea! Want to meet some new friends who share your hobbies? They’re bound to be out there.

  • Con: You’ll never feel alone.

While it might sound nice to have people around you at all times if you have no connection to them it can lead to life feeling lonely. Perhaps it’s part of big-city living, but the city loneliness can weigh down on some people.

Choices, Choices

Big city living can be fun, but the unchanging fast pace can become tiring for some, leading to near burnout. Rural living is calm and peaceful, but it can also be incredibly boring after a while.
Whichever you choose is up to you but, with a bit of forethought, you can choose the living situation that is right for you.



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