Renumbering Podcasts

The new series is coming out, I promise!  It’s just taking a little longer to finish this revamp.  Because I couldn’t find the original XML file that contained all the information for each podcast, I have to re-enter the information manually it for each podcast file. Actually, I’m having to enter them twice, as I just found out that the file is corrupted somehow and keeps messing up the numbering of the podcasts. (Have I mentioned how much fun this is?)

All this needs to be completed and re-uploaded to the server so I can make sure that the repointing of domains is working as it needs to. Once all of that is completed and checks out, I can upload the new series.

Barring any major issues with this process, and assuming the server plays nice, the first of the new podcasts should go out this week.

Speaking of renumbering, once I get the old podcasts back up, you’ll notice that the numbering of them has changed.  I decided to take out all the sub-notations on multi-part podcasts, so now they are all nicely incremented. This means that some of the podcast numbers no longer match up with whatever I said it was when I recorded it, or as you remember them.  Luckily, this isn’t too many of them, though it does affect podcast number 100, which is now 99.

I didn’t want to mess up the numbers, but I think that it’s a good move in the long run.

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