Recommended Reading: The List Of Trayvon Martin Revenge Attacks Is Growing Rapidly

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by Michael Snyder 

Riot - Photo by Bryan Tong Minh

The acquittal of George Zimmerman has unleashed a wave of fury unlike anything the United States has seen in a very long time. All over the country there have been incidents where young people have expressed their frustrations by committing violent acts. Someone needs to tell them that violence is definitely not the answer. No matter how you may feel about the Zimmerman verdict, there is absolutely no excuse for committing violence against innocent people. America is never going to be able to come together until we start choosing to love one another and forgive one another. Anyone that chooses to regard a certain group of people as “the enemy” because they have a different skin color is part of the problem. When you cut any of us open, we all bleed red blood on the inside. We are all brothers and sisters, and we need to start behaving that way. Unfortunately, many are choosing to go down the path of violence instead, and the list of Trayvon Martin revenge attacks is growing rapidly. The following are some of the more prominent incidents from the last couple of days…

*Baltimore, Maryland

In a post that drew nearly 50 comments on Facebook, real estate agent Christina Dudley said she was walking to her car just before 9 p.m. when she saw several young black males and two black females chasing a 37-year-old Hispanic man west on North Linwood Avenue past East Fairmont Avenue.

“One of the boys had a handgun out and it was pointed at the back of him,” Dudley said in an interview.

They caught up to the man at the corner of Fairmount and N. Streeper Street, and the male with the gun beat the victim with what appeared to be his gun while others kicked and stomped him, Dudley said.

“They were just yelling and calling him names as they ran after him, but once they were hitting him and after that they started yelling, “This is for Trayvon, [expletive],” said Dudley, who heard the chant repeated multiple times.

*Jacksonville, Florida

The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office is facing accusations that it covered up a hate crime by denying that the murder of two brothers in a parking lot on Sunday night was related to the Trayvon Martin case, despite the fact that a sticker was placed on the brother’s truck which read “Free Zimmerman”.

At around 8:45 p.m. at the 7000 block of Normandy Blvd, Jacksonville, 24-year-old Andrew Austin Bohannon and 19-year-old Matthew Ryan Bohannon were sitting in their truck in the Golden Corral parking lot when they were approached by another car carrying multiple occupants.

After “some type of conversation” between the two parties, multiple shots were fired at the brothers. One was killed instantly while another was pronounced dead shortly after arriving at a local hospital.

“Now rumors have spread that the deadly shooting is in retaliation to a bumper sticker placed on the Bohannon’s truck that said “Free Zimmerman,” reports FirstCoastNews.

*Senatobia, Mississippi

A man who says he was jogging alongside of a road when three black men abducted and beat him claims the alleged attack was in retaliation for George Zimmerman’s acquittal, police in Senatobia, Miss. told Fox News.

Police Chief Steve Holts told Fox News the alleged victim, who is white, was jogging Sunday night along Highway 51 when, he said, the suspects pulled over and ordered him to get inside their car.

“One of them asked, ‘Do you know who Trayvon Martin was?’” Holts quoted the man as saying. At that point, the men in the vehicle allegedly attacked him. The man, who the chief described as a young resident of the area, was treated at a local hospital.

Memphis television station WREG reported the assailants allegedly told the victim, “This is for Trayvon.” The television station and The Democrat newspaper reported the jogger was badly beaten and later dropped off on a road between Senatobia and Coldwater, Miss.

*Oakland, California

Christian Hartsock, a conservative journalist and filmmaker, says he was assaulted and beaten down to the ground by a mob with repeated strikes to the face while reporting at a Trayvon Martin rally in downtown Oakland Sunday night.


“One young man chanted ‘There’s gonna be some violence tonight!’” Hartsock said. “He then came up to me and demanded I erase the footage from my phone — another request I declined.”

“As two other young men interrogated me, their friend behind them came up and a young man then slugged me in the face about three times — hard — and demanded that I leave,” Hartsock said. “Then I began getting clocked by others in my left temple and jaw by other assailants and was mowed to the ground by about half a dozen of them.”

Hartsock feared the worst. “For a couple minutes I was pinned down to the ground — one gentleman on top of me slugging me across the face repeatedly as an indeterminable number of others kicked me in the side of the head, and tried to get my phone out of my hand… The harder my grip tightened, the harder their punches to my face became,” he said.

*Los Angeles, California

People protesting George Zimmerman‘s acquittal marched along Crenshaw Boulevard on Monday night, stomping on cars, chasing bystanders and storming a Wal-Mart.

Several protesters made their way into the Wal-Mart as guards scrambled to close security gates. A short while later, Los Angeles Police Department officers wearing helmets and carrying batons swarmed the store as others marched through the parking lot.

*Chester County, Pennsylvania

In Chester County, Pennsylvania, police are investigating graffiti on a building before it was set on fire: “KILL ZIMMERMAN.” Firefighters were called to the scene of the fire at ProSigns, a company manufacturing commercial signs for business, and found that phrase spray-painted in red on the front of the building. The firefighters put out the fire without significant damage. The fire has been ruled arson.

*Los Angeles, California

A CBS2/KCAL9 photographer and reporter were assaulted Monday night while covering a George Zimmerman protest in Crenshaw.

Reporter Dave Bryan was conducting an interview around 10 p.m. when the suspect tackled him and his photographer, the station confirmed.

“All of the sudden, this guy came up from behind, he had a hood, and he knocked David on the head and he pushed the camera guy down. The camera guy went down, the camera went down, David went down,” witness Joseph Deguerre, said. “I was in shock.”

*Oakland, California

A waiter was hit with what appeared to be a hammer while protecting the windows at Flora, a restaurant at the corner of Telegraph and 19th Street.

“Protesters with black masks approached the window and tried to bang at it,” said bartender Phillip Ricafort. “(The waiter) said, ‘Don’t do that!’ and the guy turned around and smacked him in the face with a hammer” or another metal object.

“It was gruesome,” said Ricafort. He said his co-worker was bleeding from the face.

Vandals also targeted Flora’s windows over the weekend; several windows were still boarded up.

However you may feel about the George Zimmerman trial, your response should not include violence. At a time like this, America needs to come together, and anyone that chooses to commit violence is just driving all of us farther apart.

Those that claim to support Trayvon Martin should be denouncing these acts of violence the loudest. If these kinds of revenge attacks continue, a whole lot more people are going to end up seriously injured, dead or in prison. Nobody should want to see that.

This is a time when people of all races need to come together and start loving one another. If we allow those that are trying to divide us to win, then we all lose.

About the author: Michael T. Snyder is a former Washington D.C. attorney who now publishes The Truth. His new novel entitled “The Beginning Of The End” is now available on


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