Prepper News Watch for September 30, 2014

Prepper News Watch

Prepping and General Interest

  1. HDS Systems EDC Tactical Rotary Flashlight: Nuke/EMP Protected!
  2. Differences Between Canadian C7 and US M16
  3. Stomach “Bugs”: An Herbal Back-Up Plan
  4. I Believe in God and Comfrey
  5. Military Wants Next Generation Night Vision Goggles
  6. Lodge Sportsman Grill
  7. The Carbine Compromise | Guns & Ammo
  8. First Look: Ruger Collector’s Series 10/22 Carbine
  9. 10 Best Ballistics Apps for Every Shooter | Guns & Ammo
  10. Ruger AR-556 Modern Sporting Rifle: Ruger AR-15 on a Budget
  11. Readying for Ebola: How U.S. Hospitals Are Gearing Up
  12. How People in Hong Kong Can Communicate if Cell Networks Go Down
  13. 4 Children’s Organizations that Introduce Survival Basics
  14. Prepping with Medical Problems: How a person with Health issues can Prepare for Disasters
  15. Fabulous Home Canned Peach Raspberry Jam
  16. The Chikungunya Pandemic
  17. Fourteen Uses for a 55-Gallon Barrel
  18. 5 Steps in Packing an Emergency Kit with Flying Circle Bags
  19. How to Use Patrolling Tactics to Move as a Team
  20. Workplace Violence When Coworkers Turn Deadly
  21. Revisiting Precious Metals
  22. EBOLA ALERT: U.S. Patient Zero Suspected In Dallas: Travel History and Symptoms Suggest Infection
  23. Know Which Fish Are Low in Mercury With This Chart
  24. How to Choose a Reliable Emergency Radio (and Some Good Ones to Buy)


Freedom Issues

  1. Changes to New Hampshire’s concealed carry license application trigger concern from gun rights activists
  2. Colorado’s Second Amendment wildfire
  3. Gun Rights in Washington D.C. — Why it matters to everyone


  1. The US Is Now 50% More Unequal Than Ancient Rome (And That Includes Slaves)
  2. The U.S. Government Is Borrowing About 8 Trillion Dollars A Year

Science, Nature and Tech

  1. 5 Labeling Lies Big Food Tells You
  2. This Sounds Familiar: Albertsons, Jewel-Osco, ACME, Shaw’s Hit By Second Credit Card Data Breach

Prepper Expos

  1. Kingman Expos
  2. Prepper Fest Az
  3. PrepperShowsUSA | Prepper Shows and Survivalist Expos

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This is a curated list of news stories and articles having interested to the preparedness community. None of the above should be considered an endorsement or an attempt to push any particular agenda by the Preparedness Podcast. They’re simply presented here as an informative source.

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