Prepper News Watch for September 2, 2014

Prepper News Watch

Prepping and General Interest

  1. .22LR vs Windshield
  2. Six Ways You Can Keep Yourself Alive With Animal Bones | Ready Nutrition
  3. End of Summer and Back to School Essential Oils Tips for Kids and Moms
  4. (video) If You Don’t Like How Money Works… You Gotta See This
  5. 8 Remarkable Off-Grid Uses For Rosemary
  6. How To Tell How Full (or Empty) Your Propane Tank Really Is
  7. Top 5 Primitive Traps from YouTube
  8. You Don’t Have to Outrun the Bear
  9. Bugout Bullet Bottles
  10. 16 Uses for Plastic Sheeting (aka Visqueen)
  11. Survival Coffee
  12. Why Now Is the Time to Get Your Ham License
  13. How To Survive Indefinitely Without Modern Medicine
  14. National Preparedness Month: Planning Your Pantry
  15. How Multi-Purposing Your Gear Can Save Your Life
  16. National Preparedness Month: Put Your Preps to the Test with 24 Hours Unplugged
  17. How To Prepare Your Guns For Survival
  18. Fire Starting 101: The Why and How of Lighting a Fire for Survival
  19. The Blueprint for World War III
  20. 30 Days of Preparedness Day 13: Practice Living Without Electricity
  21. How to Craft a Down and Dirty Survival Gig from a Sapling
  22. ISIS in Mexico Means ISIS Is Here In the United States
  23. Decryptolocker Saves You From the Popular Cryptolocker Ransomware
  24. Hydropower from a Washing Mashine
  25. The HK416A5 Is Now The G38
  26. Economy in Severe Trouble-John Williams

Freedom Issues

  1. California: Concealed weapons permits nearly double in O.C.
  2. Banning Russian-made AK-47s sets off a U.S. buying frenzy
  3. California lawmakers reject background checks for ammo buyers

Prepper Expos

  1. Kingman Expos |
  2. Prepper Fest Az
  3. PrepperShowsUSA | Prepper Shows and Survivalist Expos

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This is a curated list of news stories and articles having interested to the preparedness community. None of the above should be considered an endorsement or an attempt to push any particular agenda by the Preparedness Podcast. They’re simply presented here as an informative source.

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