Prepper News Watch for September 17, 2015



  1. Pacific on Tsunami Alert After Deadly Chile Quake (Updates)
  2. Magnitude 8.3 Quake Hits Chile Coast, Triggering Tsunami Warnings in the Pacific

Prepping and General Interest:

  1. How To Survive Pretty Much Anything
  2. Gun Buying Panic On The Horizon? Ruger and S&W Stock Price Both at 52 Weeks Highs [POLL]
  3. History Flashback: Soldier Shot in the Head Survived for Decades – The Firearm Blog
  4. Survival Skills: How to Turn a Tarp and Blanket Into a Bedroll
  5. Tips on Freezing Your Foods
  6. First Look: Silencerco’s New Integrally Suppressed 9mm Maxim
  7. Gear Tasting 07: Solar Charging, Cold Weather Clothing and Lock Picking for the Beginner
  8. 4 Overlooked Fire-Starting Methods That Could Save You In A Pinch
  9. Survival Library After TSHTF
  10. On Composting Meat
  11. Officials Urge Residents to be Prepared for Emergencies
  12. Emergency Water For Preppers: Resources You Need to Know About
  13. Wine and Liquor for Emergency Storage
  14. How To Escape From A Sinking Car
  15. Total Blackout: How To Tell If An EMP Has Happened
  16. How To Build An Off-Grid Home From Recycled Trash


  1. Fed Tightening “Could Have Profoundly Destructive Consequences for Economies”

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