Prepper News Watch for October 6, 2015



  1. Photos show the catastrophic flooding that swept the Southeast U.S.
  2. Role Reversal In The New Cold War
  3. This Is How Close US And Russian Jets Are To A Dog Fight Above Syria
  4. Storm Dumps Foot of Rain Across Columbia, S.C., Overnight

Prepping and General Interest:

  1. DP-12 – Double-Barrel Bullpup Shotgun by LAV
  2. We Aren’t Nearly As Worried About The Middle East As We should Be
  3. Survival Debate: Pocket Carry vs. Concealed Carry
  4. Here’s Why a Prepper Homestead May Not a Good Plan for Survival
  5. Hoecakes Another Good Southern Food
  6. When Flooding Comes to Your Town: My Best Tips
  7. 7 Things to Expect After the SHTF
  8. How to Find Water in the Desert
  9. Freeze-Dried Cheese: A Tutorial
  10. 34 Ways to Use Salt for Survival: Everything You Need to Know
  11. The Power Grid: America’s REAL Glass Jaw
  12. Building The Three 5-Gallon Bucket Bio-Water-Filter
  13. How to Make a Pocket Tonteldoos (Tinderbox) for Flint and Steel Fires
  14. Reverse 911 Provides The Most Accurate Alerts For Local Emergencies
  15. 8 Tools for Underground City Navigation
  16. What If SHTF Never Happens?

Freedom Issues:

  1. Gun Sales Soar After Surge In US Mass Shootings
  2. Clinton unveils Gun Control Plan: Ban ‘Assault weapons’ Sue Gun Companies out of Existence


  1. The US Shale Oil Industry Will Simply Vanish
  2. How The Chinese Will Establish A New Financial Order
  3. Stock Market Crash October 2015? 9 Of The 16 Largest Crashes In History Have Come This Month

Science, Nature and Tech:

  1. Calculated Risk: Why People Live in Disaster Zones : Discovery News
  2. What’s a Thousand-Year Storm? : Discovery News

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This is a curated list of news stories and articles having interested to the preparedness community. None of the above should be considered an endorsement or an attempt to push any particular agenda by the Preparedness Podcast. They’re simply presented here as an informative source.

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