Prepper News Watch for October 26, 2015


FYI: The PNW wasn’t updated at the end of last week, due to us preparing for our annual Halloween party.


  1. NASA Warns: 99% Chance Of At Least A 5.0 Quake Hitting LA Within 30 Months
  2. “All Kinds Of Mayhem Will Let Loose” As Strongest El Nino In Decades Looms
  3. What you gonna do when the bombs start to fall?
  4. Majority Of Americans Believe US Would Be Safer If More People Carried Guns
  5. Powerful Quake Rocks South Asia, 70 Dead

Prepping and General Interest:

  1. MT: 9mm Pistol Effective Against Charging Moose
  2. How Stuff Works Presents How Silencers Work
  3. The Go Bag
  4. Signaling For Help In Distress
  5. 9 Questions to Ask Before Accepting People into Your Survival Group – The Prepper Journal
  6. How Close is Nuclear War with Russia?
  7. America Waiting to Explode: “If Supply Lines Go Down… Millions of FDA-Approved Drug Addicts Go Psycho”
  8. The Get Back Home Urban Survival Kit
  9. 9 Incredible Survival Uses For A Plain Old Tin Can
  10. Preparing Your Children for Family Separation in Emergencies
  11. Seven Factors that Help Preserve Long Term Food Storage
  12. How To Ensure Your Livestock Survive The Winter
  13. Metronidazole as a Survival Antibiotic
  14. 10 Must Have Alternative Remedies For Preppers
  15. Are You Financially Prepared For A Zombie Apocalypse
  16. Growing A Prepper Group Through Teaching Radio Communications : Getting Your Own License
  17. Patio Farming: Growing Great Edible Gardens in Small Spaces
  18. Community Preparations for Catastrophic Events
  19. How to Still-Hunt for Whitetails With a Bow
  20. Weeds: What They Tell Us and Why You Should Care
  21. How to Purify Contaminated Water [RQ#8]
  22. 9 Things You Gotta’ Consider Before Buying Any Off-Grid Land
  23. Propane-Powered Motors from Gasoline, an Easy Conversion.
  24. How to Identify and Eat Hickory Nuts
  25. Home Essentials You Need for Survival
  26. The Easiest Way To Compost During Frigid Winter Months
  27. Our 8 Best Choices When Buying A Gun Cleaning Kit
  28. DIY Flat First Aid Kit (Video & Transcript)
  29. Eradicating Stinkbugs in the Veggie Garden
  30. All About Wheat: A Tutorial
  31. Survival Gear Review: CRKT Redemption Knife
  32. How To Find Free Livestock For Your Homestead
  33. .22 Handgun for Self-Defense?
  34. What you need to know about storing seeds
  35. Growing A Prepper Group Through Teaching Radio Communications Part Two: Teaching Your First Course & Creating Follow-On Courses
  36. Follow Your Plan During an Earthquake or Other Emergencies
  37. Top Survival Tips From Preppers
  38. 5 Reasons To Make A Bug In Bag

Freedom Issues:

  1. ‘Hearing Protection Act’ would remove tax on firearm sound suppressors
  2. Suppressors: Why You Should Support the Hearing Protection Act


  1. How The U.S. Government “Covers Up” 72% Inflation Before Your Very Eyes
  2. How Grocery Inflation Is Being Covered Up

Science, Nature and Tech:

  1. (Editor’s Note: How long will it be before they reverse this finding? Also, I’m not a conspiracy theorist, but this smells like social manipulation to drive people away from a food source (meat) towards a different source (vegetables) ) Sausages, Ham Cause Cancer

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This is a curated list of news stories and articles having interested to the preparedness community. None of the above should be considered an endorsement or an attempt to push any particular agenda by the Preparedness Podcast. They’re simply presented here as an informative source.

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