Prepper News Watch for October 20, 2014

Prepper News Watch

Many websites are still propagating the “this virus is different” fear angle. It’s not different, or at least, not different in any significant way. Sure, it *could* go airborne, but it is not airborne now. How do we know? Simply by looking at the number of new cases. If Ebola became airborne, there would be a dramatic spike in new cases and it would quickly become uncontrollable. We are not seeing that.

In fact, there is evidence this Ebola outbreak is starting to end. Compare the maps in these two WHO documents for September 18, 2014 and October 17, 2014. We are beginning to see the number of new cases subside and we can only hope that this trend continues. If we were looking at the start to a new global deadly pandemic, this is not what we would be seeing. Stop listening to the fear mongers, they’re only trying to sell you something.

As preppers, we need to ensure we take the proper precautions to safeguard our families. We do this through physical and mental preparations. This includes knowing the facts and staying on top of current – and accurate – information.

Get Ready. Be Prepared.

Ebola News

  1. Ebola: Nigeria A Model For Quick Action – International News – redOrbit
  2. Nigeria and Senegal Free of Ebola Virus
  3. FEMA Conducting Pandemic Drills Amidst Ebola Crisis
  4. “Ebola Cruise” Returns To Texas After Suspected Healthcare Worker Cleared
  5. The Pentagon Will Use 30 Person “Quick-Strike Team” To Deal With Domestic Ebola Patients
  6. Ebola Outbreak: Why It’s So Important to Find Patient Zero
  7. General: US Troops Who Contract Ebola Will Be Quarantined in Liberia
  8. The Worst of the Ebola Outbreak Is Yet to Come
  9. CIDRAP Director: Two Ebola Possibilities That ‘Should Keep Us up at Night’
  10. Kaiser Permanente Staff: No Ebola Training in San Diego Hospital
  11. Group Exposed to Ebola Patient Set Free, Study Questions 21-Day Quarantine Period
  12. Marine Enters ‘Voluntary’ Ebola Quarantine After Flying With Infected Nurse
  13. Spanish Ebola Nurse Given All-Clear
  14. Obama names Ebola Czar with ZERO Medical or Emergency Management Experience
  15. Warning: A Massive Government Solicitation Could Cause a Shortage of Protective Clothing, Gloves, Masks
  16. Ebola source sitrep 1
  17. Ebola Response Teams: U.S. military Team to be Deployed inside the United States
  18. The Best Items For An Effective Ebola Survival Kit
  19. Sensation-Free Ebola Facts: What We Know and What We Don’t
  20. Why More Persons of Color Die From Ebola
  21. Why Won’t The Fear Of Airborne Ebola Go Away? | KNAU Arizona Public Radio

Prepping and General Interest

  1. Hacklet 19 – Ham Radio
  2. Have A Zombie-Proof Shed To Protect You From The Zombie Apocalypse
  3. Turn Pasta into Makeshift Ramen with Baking Soda
  4. Handgun Maintenance Tips for Everyday Carry
  5. Low Light Defensive Pistol Tactics
  6. Perspectives: Avoiding Hysteria
  7. The 20 liter Collapsible Swiss Water Bladder.
  8. Bulletproof Home Defense : What You Should Know!
  9. Shelter in place without going crazy, Part 1
  10. Everyday Carry (EDC) It May Be Time for an Upgrade – Preparing for shtf
  11. Open Border, Ebola & ISIS: A Perfect Storm For America?
  12. Uncommon Survival Foods – Acorn
  13. How to Avoid Lightning Strikes.
  14. How To Use Your Vehicle for Emergency Power
  15. When Should I Go Into a Full Pandemic Lockdown Mode And Self Quarantine?
  16. How To Turn Manure And Table Scraps Into Electricity
  17. Heat Your Home With The Sun – And Cut Your Bills In Half
  18. Urban Rafting For Survival: DIY Raft
  19. Spray lube comparison
  20. Selecting a Sleeping Bag
  21. Tips For New Concealed Carriers
  22. How To Prepare For Emergency Power after a Grid Failure; Short and Long Term
  23. Cash Is King -The Importance of a Cash Stockpile
  24. DIY Pandemic Preparedness Kit
  25. TitanStraps – Re-Useable Zip Tie: Review

Freedom Issues

  1. FL: Woman Arrested for Protecting Children from Water Moccasin


  1. Forget about Ebola – here’s why US banks (and your savings) are now EXTREMELY vulnerable
  2. Dollar is The Weak Spot for US-Paul Craig Roberts

Science, Nature and Tech

  1. 5 Amazing Charts Of Our Recent Climate Cool Down

Prepper Expos

  1. Kingman Expos
  2. Prepper Fest Az
  3. PrepperShowsUSA | Prepper Shows and Survivalist Expos

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This is a curated list of news stories and articles having interested to the preparedness community. None of the above should be considered an endorsement or an attempt to push any particular agenda by the Preparedness Podcast. They’re simply presented here as an informative source.

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