Prepper News Watch for October 17, 2014

Prepper News Watch

Have you considered what operations in a potential Ebola outbreak would be like? It would be a new definition of difficult and uncomfortable. As we are seeing in the news, withouth proper PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) and decontamination procedures, you’re likely to become infected. Keep in mind this isn’t just for Ebola, a pandemic flu would be far more difficult to protect yourself agains, as it truly has an airborne vector.

When suiting up against any virulent disease, the first key to protecting yourself is making sure there is a 100% barrier between the disease and every part of your body, including the back of your legs, hair, and cheeks. The second key is making sure you decontaminate yourself before removing any of this protective clothing. And finally, the thrid key is making sure you absolutely, without a doubt, carefully remove the protective clothing in a slow and deliberate manner, so none of your unprotected body touches the contaminated outer parts of the garments. To do this properly takes practice.

Because there is no way to know if you have fully decontaminated this PPE, you should consider everything a one-time use. Yes, this is expensive, but when you’re talking about life and death, you don’t pinch pennies.

Here are the PPE items you should be looking at:

Some of the items you should have include (keep in mind the prices of these items keeps increasing, as more people are looking to protect themselves).

3M Particulate Respirator 8233, N100 N100 masks are more expensive, but that’s because they are more effective. If you’re plannin on using N95 masks with deadly diseases, you can go ahead and skip the rest of the PPE, as compromising here precludes further protection.

3M 6391 P100 Reusable Respirator Gas Mask – Large These may fit your face better and the filters are easier to replace. P100 filers are just like N100 filters, but they are designed to maintain their filtration properties with oily residues.

Tyvek Ty657S-E Hoods W/Elastic Face Closure Even if your Tyvek suit has a hood, you nay not need these, but they’re good to have, particularly if you need to put together ad-hoc PPE.

DuPont TY122S Disposable Elastic Wrist, Bootie & Hood White Tyvek Coverall Suit Disposable Tyvek suits are the easiest way to protect your body. Larger sizes make it easier to remove.

Dupont Tyvek Boot Covers Make sure your Tyvek booties are high enough under your Tyvek suit so there is no gap at the ankle.

Purple Nitrile-Xtra Powder-Free Disposable Gloves Your gloves need to be extra long, so there won’t be any gaps between the Tyvek sleeves and the gloves. It’s also a good idea to wear more durable, non-porous gloves over these, such as dishwashing gloves.

ComfortShield Disposable Full Face Shield Even though you will be wearing a mask and goggles, you need a face shield for extra protection. One sneeze or projectile vomit from a sick person into your face and you’ll be thankful for wearing it.

3M TEKK Protection Chemical Splash/Impact Goggle You must protect your eyes, if for no other reason than to stop yourself from accidentally rubbing them with your hands.

Ebola can be killed with a bleach solution. According to Public Health Agency of Canada, “Ebolavirus is susceptible to 3% acetic acid, 1% glutaraldehyde, alcohol-based products, and dilutions (1:10-1:100 for ≥10 minutes) of 5.25% household bleach (sodium hypochlorite), and calcium hypochlorite (bleach powder). The WHO recommendations for cleaning up spills of blood or body fluids suggest flooding the area with a 1:10 dilutions of 5.25% household bleach for 10 minutes for surfaces that can tolerate stronger bleach solutions (e.g., cement, metal). For surfaces that may corrode or discolour, they recommend careful cleaning to remove visible stains followed by contact with a 1:100 dilution of 5.25% household bleach for more than 10 minutes.”

Take the precautions now and get prepared. Remember, this isn’t just for Ebola, but all pandemic diseases.

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