Prepper News Watch for November 18, 2013

Prepper News Watch

Prepping and General Interest

  1. Make a DIY Laser Tripwire Alarm For Just a Few Bucks
  2. Prepare for the Worst This Weekend
  3. NEW: Emergency Health and Safety Tip for November 18, 2013 – Clean Up and Prevent Mold Growth
  4. Baking 101: The Best Buttermilk Substitutes
  5. Turn Old Wine Corks into Built-In Pot Holders
  6. Baking 101: Why We Use Large Eggs In Baking
  7. How to Make Pumpkin Pie Straight from the Pumpkin
  8. Arduino-Based Power Failure Alert System
  9. 3 Ways To Purify Water After A Natural Disaster | The Weekend Prepper
  10. Rules for Safe Home Canning
  11. What THEY Can’t Take: “The Only Thing You Own Are the Skills In Your Hands and the Knowledge In Your Mind”
  12. How to Choose a Knife Steel
  13. Typhoon Haiyan survivors lack food and water one week on
  14. 4 Tough Axes, Field Tested
  15. 7 Things You Must Carry in Your Car This Winter
  16. Earthship Green Homes
  17. What You Should Know About Bankruptcy (from Someone Who’s Been There)
  18. How to Avoid Injuring Yourself During Everyday Activities
  19. How to Kill Ants Without Pesticides
  20. Long-distance High Frequency APRS Tracking Using The FreeTrak63
  21. How to Treat a Foot Blister
  22. DIY Vanilla Salt and Vanilla Extract
  23. 6 Tips for Eating on a Very Tight Budget | The Kitchn


  1. GUN WATCH: Gun control advocate threatens to ‘shoot and kill’ recall activists
  2. A Russian GPS Using U.S. Soil Stirs Spy Fears

Freedom Issues

  1. Guam: Castle Doctrine bill sent back to committee
  2. Ohio: Right-to-Carry permits hit record
  3. Anti-gun legislators vow to criminalize private transfers
  4. LaPierre: Obama’s obsession with our gun rights
  5. WSJ – CIA Collecting Massive Database Of “International” Money Transfers under the Patriate Act
  6. PA Guns Stores Short on Ammo Under High Demand
  7. Slow Motion Gun Confiscation in California
  8. The Daily Bell – Retaining Their Freedom Is the Real Problem US Citizens Face
  9. Schumer Seeks to Extend Ban on 3D Guns
  10. NSA Inundated With 988% Increase In FOIA Requests
  11. Gov’t will notify some defendants caught by warrantless wiretaps | Ars Technica
  12. Poll Finds Americans Skeptical of So-called Smart Guns
  13. ATF Sends Mixed Message on 3D guns
  14. AZ:First Hand Positive Reactions to Open Carry
  15. Bill Gates Backs Washington Initiative That Would End Private Gun Sales
  16. Texas A&M Law Professor: Time ‘to Repeal and Replace Second Amendment’
  17. Holder Goes After 3D Printed Plastic Guns
  18. Concealed Carry Applications Surge in Ohio
  19. Pennsylvania Town Gives Anti-Gun Mayor the Boot
  20. TSA Screening Barely Working Better Than Chance
  21. NRA-ILA | Outrage of the Week: Student’s Self-Defense Leads to University Disciplinary Action


  1. Homebuilder Confidence Drops To 5 Month Low
  2. In The News Today
  3. Obamacare: The Final Nail In The Coffin For The Middle Class
  4. Total Healthcare “Enrollment” As A Result Of Obamacare: -3.9 Million
  5. Holiday Spending Plans Collapse
  6. 90 Years Ago: The End of German Hyperinflation – Thorsten Polleit – Mises Daily
  7. Dollar Remains Fragile
  8. Bad News for Keynesians: Data Shows the Austerians Are Right | CYNICONOMICS
  9. Marc Faber Fears “The End Of The Capitalist Economic System As We Know It”
  10. The United States Is Now In A Catastrophic Default
  11. Less Christmas Cheer this Year? | Tim Iacono | FINANCIAL SENSE
  12. Thousands of Doctors Dropped from Medicare Advantage
  13. What is the Debt Ceiling?
  14. What Should I Do When I’ve Almost Run Out of Money?

Science, Nature and Tech

  1. Fukushima workers start removing spent fuel rods
  2. The Internet Is Now Weaponized, And You Are The Target
  3. Is Oil-by-Rail Boom an Accident Waiting to Happen?
  4. FBI warns that Anonymous has hacked US government sites for a year
  5. Obama administration announces lower quotas for ethanol in gasoline
  6. At least five dead as tornadoes wreak havoc across midwest
  7. Chicago Bears Game Temporarily Suspended, Fans Seek Shelter After Severe Tornado Warning
  8. World View: Cholera Epidemic Spreads from Haiti to Cuba to Mexico
  9. Remove TEPCO Before Removing Fuel.
  10. FBI warns hacking spree on government agencies is a “widespread problem”
  11. Use an Arduino to Automate Your Lights Based on an Astronomical Clock
  12. Why You Need Not Fear the Poor, Misunderstood Brown Recluse Spider – Wired Science

Prepper Expos

  1. PrepperShowsUSA | Prepper Shows and Survivalist Expos

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