Prepper News Watch for May 5, 2014

Prepper News Watch

Prepping and General Interest

  1. 6 Strategies to Lighten Your Bug Out Bag
  2. Square Foot Gardening 101: The Soil-Mel’s Mix
  3. The Open Wound
  4. Make Your Own Reusable, Pretreated Cleaning Rags
  5. 10 Camping Season Do’s and Don’ts
  6. Goal Zero Lighthouse 250 Lantern
  7. How to Make Ricotta Cheese from Powdered Milk
  8. NEW: Emergency Health and Safety Tip for May 5, 2014 – Avoid electrocution risks when using a generator to power your home.
  9. How To Have A Blooming Garden This Year
  10. How to remove label glue from glass easily and naturally | MNN – Mother Nature Network
  11. How to Go Backpacking
  12. The emergency vest as a survival multi-tool
  13. Selco On Stopping Power: “I Have Seen and Been in Lots of Gunfights in Real Life”
  14. 57% Of Americans Are Completely Unprepared For This – I Hope You’re Not One Of Them
  15. A New Take on Sustainable Aquaculture With An Interesting Species Choice
  16. Droughts and Wildfires
  17. Online Scanner: Police-Fire-Emergency
  18. NOAA Weather Radio Channels and Station List
  19. Its Time To BUG OUT But Where Will You Go?
  20. S&S Precision’s Pocket Shiv | Kit Up!
  21. Everyday Carry Breakdown #10
  22. Oakley Fuel Cell Cerakote Kindle Fire, in Brookstone…
  23. Citizen Eco-Drive Watch on Nato Band Field Notes…
  24. Code Name Insight: 10 Bug Out Options
  25. Disposable Medical Exam Gloves
  26. Easy but Important Prep You can Do this Weekend
  27. 3 Reasons to Shop at the Military Surplus Store
  28. Crime gangs expand into food fraud


  1. Russia Moves Warplanes into Ukraine Attack Position
  2. “We Are Essentially At War” Ukraine Admits, After Dozens Killed
  3. NATO Fighter Jet Presence Triples In Baltic States
  4. Iran says it has briefed nuclear agency on suspected detonators
  5. Russia sets Ukraine gas bill deadline
  6. GM recalls SUVs for inaccurate fuel gauges
  7. US State Department: Global Terror Attacks Increase 43% Between 2012 and 2013
  8. Razor Blades on Playground Injure Children in San Diego
  9. World View: The ‘Odessa Massacre’ May Portend Ukraine Civil War
  10. Pro-Russians Run Amok in Odessa, Ukraine, After Yatsenyuk Visits City

Freedom Issues

  1. In California, a fevered rush for gun permits
  2. Concealed carry permits gaining popularity on Chicago’s North Shore as more women and seniors join the ranks
  3. MAIG Honcho Cuts His Losses, Quits Bloomberg Gun Control Cabal
  4. Antigun Journalist Admits Wife Wished for Gun When Criminal Struck
  5. OK:Governor Fallin Vetoes Gun Bills; Legislature Strikes Back
  6. Everyone is under surveillance now, says whistleblower Edward Snowden
  7. Obama plan to close gun loophole stalled by NRA and pro-gun opposition
  8. Facial recognition: is the technology taking away your identity?
  9. Maryland Gun Store Backtracks on Smart Gun Sales After Public Outcry
  10. Videogame company employee fired for supporting Donald Sterling’s right to privacy
  11. Florida Carry Sues to Allow Self-Defense Gun Use in Tallahassee Public Parks
  12. Missouri Senate Committee to Vote on Expanding ‘Castle Doctrine’
  13. Americans Still View Smart Guns as Dumb Option


  1. Forward Thinking – The Coming Tipping Point
  2. The Good, And Bad News About US Jobs In One Chart
  3. Catastrophic Meltdown Coming to America-Doug Casey | Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog
  4. The Number Of Working Age Americans Without A Job Has Risen By 27 MILLION Since 2000
  5. We Spent $3.2 Trillion… and Haven’t Put a DENT in REAL Unemployment
  6. Half Of Illinois Wants To Live Elsewhere (But Nevadans Are The Most Anxious To Leave)
  7. The disappearing labor force: Over 800K Americans drop out of labor force. Since end of recession, those not in the labor force has grown from 80 million to 92 million. Workers younger than 55 lost jobs in April.
  8. The upcoming dawn of the 60-year cycle
  9. The world has nothing to fear from the US losing power
  10. Will Piketty’s 80% Income Taxes and 10% Wealth Tax Fix Our Economy?

Science, Nature and Tech

  1. Crews battle to save homes as Oklahoma wildfire rages near Guthrie
  2. OAuth, OpenID ‘covert redirect’ flaw discovered; hard to implement fix
  3. Brush Fires Break out in Southern California
  4. Security Flaw Found in OAuth and OpenID, Here’s What It Means for You
  5. U.S. Sees Its First Case of MERS Virus: What You Should Know
  6. ALERT: It’s Here: CDC Confirms Deadly MERS Virus Infection Has Reached U.S. Soil
  7. LA County Sheriff Admits Big Brother Is Here “But We Kept It Pretty Hush Hush”
  8. Despite risk, businesses store sensitive data in the cloud unprotected – Fortune Tech
  9. Indiana residents unperturbed by Mers virus case at local hospital
  10. Artificial Intelligence Might Be The Last Thing We Ever Do Says Hawking
  11. Study Reveals Drinking More Coffee Reduces Diabetes Risk
  12. Mysterious Disease Kills Droves of Starfish Off California Coast
  13. ‘Settled’ Science on Saturated Fats Revised
  14. Carrington-class CME Narrowly Misss Earth – NASA Science

Prepper Expos

  1. PrepperShowsUSA | Prepper Shows and Survivalist Expos

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