Prepper News Watch for May 29, 2014

Prepper News Watch

This is a curated list of news stories and articles having interest to the preparedness community.

Prepping and General Interest

  1. 8 Uncommon Lessons: Preparing For An Apocalypse
  2. Airguns for Survival: AirForce Escape Pellet Guns
  3. 7 Possible TEOTWAWKI Scenarios |
  4. Generation green: Eating green
  5. What If You Had To Grow Your Food Indoors?
  6. Which Fermenting Crock is Best for You?
  7. The Best Way to Transplant Raspberry Suckers (and Keep them Alive!)
  8. Site-in-Clean Rest
  9. Baking 101: The Difference Between Baking Flours
  10. Cardboard Solar Lamp
  11. Going Off Grid – Part III
  12. Tire Repair for preppers
  13. Bullet Resistant Wall Construction
  14. Subterranean Termites: An Earth-Wise Guide
  15. Essential Survival Radio Show: A Conversation with Homesteader, Victoria Gazeley
  16. 20 Fantastic Uses for Raw Apple Cider Vinegar
  17. Building a Cheap-to-shoot 5.45×39 AR-15
  18. Turning An Old Saw Blade Into A Knife. This Is What Craftsmanship Looks Like!
  19. U.S. Army New Retro Camo Look


  1. Glass Cracks Below Tourists in Chicago Skydeck
  2. CPSC: Sixth Infant Death Linked To Recalled Nap Nanny Recliner
  3. Over A Thousand Soldiers Killed As Ukraine Fighting Escalates, Russian Media Reports
  4. Border Patrol: We Don’t Screen for Diseases
  5. In The News Today
  6. May Food And Supplement Recall Roundup: Not So Dairy-Free
  7. Snowden: ‘no relationship’ with Russian government
  8. 43% call Obamacare ‘mostly negative’ for America
  9. The Wall Street Journal: Iran-based cyberspies seen targeting U.S. officials
  10. Islam, The Not-So-Peaceful Religion
  11. Mysterious Memorial Day ‘ruckus’ in Fort Lauderdale
  12. Ayatollah Pledges to Destroy America Through ‘Battle and Jihad’
  13. New Startup Crowdpac Aims to ‘Give Politics Back to People’
  14. IG Report: Veterans Waited an Average of 115 Days at Phoenix Facility
  15. China Warns Vietnam to Stay Out of ‘Indisputably’ Chinese Waters After Boat Sinking
  16. Members of Congress Call for Eric Holder to Investigate Veterans Affairs Scandal
  17. Maya Angelou: Poet, Writer, Gun Lover
  18. de Blasio’s New York Declares War on Rats
  19. ‘Veterans Died! Get Us The Answers’: GOP Rep Hammers VA Officials
  20. Water Bandits Steal 3,000 Gallons from Elderly Couple
  21. Video: Obama Earns Icy Reception At West Point

Freedom Issues

  1. Mayor of Chicago seeks to further tighten gun laws
  2. Top NSA officials struggled over surge in Foia requests, emails reveal
  3. President Said to Be Planning to Use Executive Authority on Carbon Rule
  4. Bloomberg Businessweek: NRA Not to Blame For Santa Barbara, Gun Control Didn’t Work
  5. NC Dem: Second Amendment Does Not Define Itself As Absolute
  6. Michael Z. Williamson: We Need To Regulate Cars The Way We Regulate Guns
  7. Stranger: Blaming The Weapon Makes Grief Easier To Bear
  8. Relentlessly shooting ourselves in the foot
  9. California Mass Shooting: More Anti-Gun Idiots use Tragedy to Push Agenda
  10. NYPD Prepares To Use Drones As CA License Plate Readers Stir Controversy
  11. CA Dems Announce ‘Gun Violence Restraining Order,’ Could Include DUI Convictions
  12. Santa Barbara Shows Danger When Only the Criminally-Minded Have Guns
  13. Texas Gun Activists Booted from Restaurants, Spurs Liberal Media Assault
  14. Gabrielle Giffords Amplifies Gun Control Efforts
  15. Supreme Court Unanimously Overturns Illinois Court on Fifth Amendment Rights
  16. Chicago Police Mail Woman Citation for Misinterpreted Facebook Comment
  17. Dem Reps ‘May Offer’ More Gun Control This Week in Response to CA Stabbings, Shootings


  1. Our “Make It Look Good” Economy Has Failed
  2. Excluding Obamacare, US Economy Contracted By 2% In The First Quarter
  3. Someone Is Dead Wrong About The Economy
  4. Gold To See “Massive Shortages” and “Typical Investor” Will Not Be Able To Get Bullion – Rickards
  5. Peter Schiff Slams PikettyMania
  6. US Economy Shrank By 1% In The First Quarter: First Contraction Since 2011
  7. Global Debt Levels Have Soared To 435% Of GDP!
  8. Putin Signs Economic Alliance With Kazakhstan and Belarus
  9. BLS Employment Projections Through 2022: How Many Jobs Require a College Degree?
  10. Al Lewis: Rising health-care costs are enough to make you sick
  11. The El Niño effect: What it means for commodities
  12. These Chipotle prices are rising the most
  13. Economy Shrinks 1% In First Quarter
  14. Why Are Food Prices So High?
  15. Natural Disasters Don’t Increase Economic Growth
  16. Has The Next Recession Already Begun For America’s Middle Class?
  17. You are too broke to own a home in America! The typical American household making $50,000 a year cannot afford to purchase the typical $200,000 median priced home without straining their budget.
  18. Staging the QE Exit
  19. Medication costs fuel painful debt and bankruptcies
  20. Gold is sinking—and now it could get even worse
  21. GAO: Executive Branch Wastes Hundreds of Millions on Software

Science, Nature and Tech

  1. Dish Network Will Now Accept Bitcoin Payments From Customers
  2. Email Updates: May 19, 2014|Clinicians Outreach and Communication Activity (COCA)
  3. Is the Shale Industry About to Experience a Shakeout?
  4. Apple says iCloud not compromised in Australian ransom scheme
  5. Australian Mac and iOS users find devices remotely locked, held for ransom (and how to keep yours safe)
  6. TrueCrypt’s Web Site Updates with Ominous Warning, Details Unknown
  7. Bacon Prices To Soar Even More: The Pig Diarrhea Virus Is Back For Round Two
  8. Sole reported US Mers case revealed as misdiagnosis by CDC
  9. Dinosaurs survived by shrinking, study finds | Fox News
  10. Peat bog the size of England discovered | Fox News
  11. Google Unveils Driverless Car: No Brakes, No Gas, No Driver

Prepper Expos

  1. PrepperShowsUSA | Prepper Shows and Survivalist Expos

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