Prepper News Watch for May 26, 2014

Prepper News Watch

Well, here’s hoping that you are having a great Memorial Day weekend! This edition of PNW took a little longer to get out due to the larger volume of interesting articles, as you can see from the below.

This is a curated list of news stories and articles having interested to the preparedness community. There have been some changes to sources used for this list lately, and I would like your feedback on what you think. Please send me a comment using the Contact form and let me know what you think of the Prepper News Watch.

Prepping and General Interest

  1. 23 Ways Duct Tape Can Fix Anything
  2. 101 Ways to Save Money on Clothes
  3. My Favorite Memorial Day Recipes
  4. Turn a Wine Bottle into an Automatic Plant Waterer
  5. 5 Great Ways To Prevent Depression Naturally
  6. 15 Simple, Delicious Ways to Prepare Chicken
  7. Windmills
  8. Tipi
  9. Mosquito trap (mosquito abortion clinic or source trap)
  10. Forest Garden
  11. Make Delicious Raw Mint Tea
  12. How To Make A Leather Bushcraft Hat
  13. Dutch Bucket Hydroponic System
  14. Couscous and Vegetables
  15. Free Battery powered Fan with 20 hour life
  16. Just In Time For BBQ Season Homemade Pickles
  17. How to Cook Steak in the Oven
  18. 13 Tips and Tricks for Camping with Kids
  19. Celebrate Your Poor Soil With a Mediterranean Herb Garden
  20. Product Review: Grain Mills
  21. Try it Today! How to Make Basic Soap
  22. What’s your threat: A personal financial disaster
  23. 5 Steps for Making a Personalized Threat Analysis
  24. The Homelite UT49103 Log Splitter – Preparedness Advice Blog | Preparedness Advice Blog
  25. TI News Brief: Korea Prepares for EMP Attack
  26. The Long Term Storage Life of Seeds
  27. Should You Make Powdered Eggs at Home? – Preparedness Advice Blog | Preparedness Advice Blog
  28. Solar Ovens, a Must Have Skill for Preppers | Preparedness Advice Blog
  29. Drought Tolerant Crops for the Survival Garden
  30. Managing SHTF Sleep Deprivation
  31. The First Step to being a True Prepper – Emerging from Debt
  32. Garden looking good so far…..
  33. Test Your Green Thumb With A Container Garden On Your Porch
  34. Beneficial Companion Plants for Tomatoes
  35. Army Taps Scorpion to Replace UCP | Kit Up!
  36. Bison Bag Sleeping Bag Hammock
  37. Tabasco Sriracha Sauce
  38. Ask Belinda: How do I know if it is a weed or seedling?
  39. Solarforce Z2 Leatherman Wave AG Russell Skorpion Large Aranyik…
  40. Moleskine mini notebook and pen (to be changed soon for a…
  41. Survival Medicine Hour: New Viruses, Tetanus, Peppermint, and More
  42. Video: Infected Wounds
  43. Spring 2014 Book Festival: Leaving the Trees + Giveaway
  44. Magnum Research MLR22AT 10/22 Review
  45. Best Resources for Everyday Carry
  46. Don’t listen to the propagandists behind the urban gardening fad. It’s all lies | Elizabeth Gunnison Dunn | Comment is free |
  47. Scenes From Hurricane Sandy


  1. Hummus Sold At Target, Trader Joe’s, Giant Eagle Recalled For Potential Listeria Contamination
  2. MI:Detroit motorists under siege in ‘Carjack City’
  3. 670,000 people ordered not to drink the water in Portland Oregon
  4. Memorial Day…….remember
  5. China And Russia Hold “Massive” Joint Naval Drill: This Is What It Looked Like
  6. China Scrambles Fighter Jet, Flies Within 50 Meters Of Japanese Airplanes
  7. “Geopolitical Earthquake” That Is Historic China Russia Agreement Not Appreciated
  8. Memorial Day and the Meaning of Freedom :: The Mises Economics Blog: The Circle Bastiat
  9. Memorial Day 2014: Just Following Orders
  10. Europe Voted: Anti-EU And Protest Parties Take Nearly A Third Of All Europarliament Seats
  11. European Voters Are Revolting; France Warns “Situation Is Grave For Europe”
  12. Obama Should Apologize For Treating Military Veterans Like Garbage For The Past 5 Years
  13. Fire engulfs chemical factory in Atlanta – video
  14. Life and death in the US Marines
  15. Alaska battles huge wildfire while Arizona struggles to contain blaze
  16. The loss of Memorial Day’s meaning is just one way we short-change veterans
  17. Evacuations of 1,000 structures ordered as Alaska wildfire grows
  18. The Daily Bell – Europe Sinks … As Predicted
  19. Putin signals he will work with Ukraine leader, but blasts U.S.
  20. China agrees North Korea’s nuclear activities a serious threat, says South
  21. Asia Stocks to Watch: U.S.-China tensions heat up on spying, trade spats
  22. Russian Chocolate Bar Showing ‘Map of Russia 2015’ Includes Ukraine and Alaska
  23. VA Approves Private Care Options for Veterans in Wake of Scandal

Freedom Issues

  1. Jersey Gun and Magazine Ban Heads to Gov. Christie
  2. Reflections On Losers
  3. David Codrea: Ohio Police Joke about Shooting Open Carry Activists
  4. To Hell With Facts!
  5. Final Word on U.S. Law Isn’t: Supreme Court Keeps Editing –
  6. Technology Firms Press Congress to Tighten Privacy Law
  7. Blaming shootings on autism a mistake: experts
  8. Much-hated seat belt technology making a comeback
  9. Blumenthal Calls for Gun Bills in Wake of Santa Barbara Shooting
  10. Senator Richard Blumenthal: Santa Barbara Attacks Should Revive Gun Control
  11. Senate’s Failed Gun Bill Would Not Have Stopped Santa Barbara Gunman
  12. Blackwell Reminds Gun-Control Advocates Car, Knife Also Used in UCSB Killing Spree
  13. Dems Ignore Three Stabbing Deaths, Seize On Three Shooting Deaths in Santa Barbara
  14. Rep Peter King Wants Background Checks Because CA Gunman Passed Background Checks
  15. Environmentalists are Weakening America
  16. Sheriff’s Office Refuses to Detain Illegal Immigrants
  17. 2nd Grader Reprimanded, Described As ‘Disruptive’ for Drawing Picture of Gun
  18. Chili’s Considering Ban On Law-Abiding Citizens Carrying Guns In Their Stores
  19. Cruz Warns Dems Trying to Repeal First Amendment Freedom of Speech
  20. Gutfeld: Advertising ‘Gun Free Zones’ at Restaurants Puts Customers on Menu
  21. Experts Say TN Man Didn’t Write Racial Slur On Red Lobster Receipt
  22. Santa Barbara Sheriff: All Guns Legally Purchased, Gunman Used 10-Round Magazines
  23. Two Robberies and a Shooting at Jack in the Box Since Law-Abiding Citizens Asked to Leave Guns at Home
  24. Mere Mention of ‘Assault Rifle’ Sends Armed Home Invaders Fleeing
  25. Strava begins selling your data points, and no, you can’t opt-out | Apple news, reviews and how-to’s since 2004


  1. Paul Craig Roberts – Putin’s Threat Just Stunned U.S. & Europe
  2. No inflation Friday: 42.4% increase in the price of being… poor?
  3. We Eat Too Much Now Because Food Is Super Cheap, Study Says
  4. Update on Operation Choke Point: Evidence Mounts of Government Policy
  5. How a Middle East Oil Crisis Could Benefit the US
  6. As Goes Walmart, So Goes America: “Major Holes Are Starting to Form In Its Business”
  7. The Coming Frightening Financial Chaos And Collapse
  8. Daniel Hannan Explains Why Socialism Does Not Work
  9. “I Will Never Sell My Gold,” Marc Faber Warns, China’s “Gigantic Credit Bubble” Unwind Is Just Beginning
  10. Will the Fed’s QE Cause a US Dollar Crisis?
  11. Federal Reserve Admits Truth In Internal Memo: “Prices Continue To Rise Between 3% And 33%”
  12. The Solution To Record Meat Prices: The Return Of Pink Slime
  13. Retail Death Rattle Grows Louder « The Burning Platform
  14. A global crisis of young adult unemployment: 12 countries in Europe have an unemployment rate of 20 percent or higher for adults ages 25 and younger.
  15. Key Inflation Spike Largest In 30 Years As Middle Class Sags
  16. My Blog
  17. 4 Essential Assets for Profit and Protection
  18. Russia’s gas deal with China underlines the risks to Europe’s energy security
  19. A soldier’s guide to getting out of debt – MarketWatch
  20. NewsWatch: 1 in 4 Americans is saving nothing for retirement
  21. James Rickards-Financial Collapse and Massive Shortages in Gold Coming
  22. Weather may put US businesses, consumers to the test
  23. Environmentalist Radicals Drive Up Memorial Day Food Costs
  24. Millennials Can’t Afford Memorial Day Weekend Trips
  25. U.S. Food Inflation Running at 22%
  26. Under Obama, Temp Jobs Grew 45%, Manufacturing Shrank 3.2%
  27. China Proposes Security Alliance to Counter U.S. Influence
  28. 51% of Millennials Have Grave Doubts About Their Future
  29. Tribune Media Services Lays Off Around 25

Science, Nature and Tech

  1. The U.S. Has Its Eye on This Very Pricey Radiation Detector
  2. Citizen Scientists to Resurrect Defunct NASA Spacecraft
  3. Ebola Virus Kills 5 In First Outbreak in Sierra Leone
  4. Air Force Closing Ionosphere Research Program, a Favorite of Conspiracy Theorists
  5. Weird Money Facts: 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Counterfeit Money
  6. How To Find What Program Is Using Your Webcam
  7. What You Need to Know Before Investing in Cryptocurrencies
  8. Smart TVs Are A Growing Security Risk: How Do You Deal With This?
  9. How To Install Linux On A MacBook Pro Retina
  10. How to Securely Erase a Solid State Drive on Mac OS X
  11. ​1PasswordAnywhere Lets You Access Your 1Password Vault on The Web
  12. Homemade Liquid Nitrogen
  13. Can Yelp Track Foodborne Illness Outbreaks In Restaurants?
  14. FDA Doesn’t Seem To Care That Novartis Still Sells Antibiotic As Pig-Fattener
  15. A Free Family Internet Filter with Open DNS
  16. Upcoming COCA Call/Webinar: Interim Clinical Guidance and CDC Updates for Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus (MERS-CoV) Wednesday, May 28, 2014 at 2PM (ET)
  17. Beware the Painful New Disease from the Caribbean | Apartment Prepper
  18. How Americans Spend Their Time Online
  19. Wanted: a breed of chicken that can survive crippling heatwaves
  20. The mammoth that trampled on the history of mankind
  21. U.S. may act to keep Chinese hackers out of Def Con hacker event
  22. Driverless Cars Legally Hit Roads as California Issues Licenses; The Last Mile
  23. Slide Show: 5 food additives even grosser than ‘pink slime’
  24. Doctors: Stay Healthy, Do ‘Fist Bumps’ Instead of Handshakes
  25. Portland Finds E. Coli in Its Water
  26. Food Experts: California Drought Will Not Significantly Affect Grocery Bills
  27. Senate Passes Bill to Grant More Water to California Farmers

Prepper Expos

  1. PrepperShowsUSA | Prepper Shows and Survivalist Expos

If you have find a news story or prepping-related article, send it in.

None of the above should be considered an endorsement or an attempt to push any particular agenda by the Preparedness Podcast. They’re simply presented here as an informative source.

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