Prepper News Watch for May 23, 2013

Prepper News Watch

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Special Attention

  1. From Anthony F: The Path of the Warrior – YouTube

Resist the Tyranny

  1. Texas Lawmakers to Eliminate Controversial ‘Anti-American’ Curriculum
  2. Is America’s Economy Being Sovietized?


  1. Jihadists Suspected in Shocking Daylight Attack Outside London
  2. Machete Terrorists: ‘Allahu Akbar’
  3. Swedish riots rage for fourth night | World news |
  4. Oklahoma rescuers wind up search and prepare for tornado clean-up | World news |
  5. Argentine Inflation: It’s Tough When All You Get Is Lies | Zero Hedge
  6. Swedish Youth Riots Enter Third Day | Zero Hedge
  7. Oklahoma Tornado Stories of Heroism and Bravery | Watch the video – Yahoo! News

Freedom Issues

  1. NRA-ILA | Alabama Governor Signs Omnibus Firearms Reform Bill into Law
  2. GUN WATCH: Texas Reforms Concealed Hadgun Law
  3. GUN WATCH: Beretta Leaving Maryland After Gov. Mandates Strict Gun Control Laws
  4. GUN WATCH: Armed teachers bill passes without Governor’s signature


  1. Clients Denied Gold At Major Banks As Shortage Intensifies :: Jim Sinclair’s Mineset
  2. Will It Be Inflation Or Deflation? The Answer May Surprise You
  3. Four Signs That We’re Back in Dangerous Bubble Territory Stocks, bonds – everything – at risk | Chris Martenson PhD | FINANCIAL SENSE
  4. What Has Happened So Far | Zero Hedge
  5. FOMC Minutes: This Is What It Sounds Like When Doves Cry, And When Others Start To See An Asset Bubble | Zero Hedge
  6. Mortgage Applications Have Biggest May Collapse Since Financial Crisis | Zero Hedge

Science, Nature and Tech

  1. Nuclear watchdog raises Iranian plutonium concerns | World news |
  2. From Anthony F: Moringa Oleifera: The Miracle Tree

Prepping and General Interest

  1. From Molon Labe; Resist1776: Basic Wilderness Survival Skills
  2. Get Your Kids Involved! | Food Storage Made Easy
  3. Cool Tools – Barricade Fire Blocking Gel
  4. GUN WATCH: Comprehensive Review of John Lott’s “More Guns, Less Crime” by Academic
  5. Hyperinflation: 10 Worst Cases

None of the above should be considered an endorsement or an attempt to push any particular agenda by the Preparedness Podcast. They’re simply presented here as an informative source.

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