Prepper News Watch for May 2, 2014

Prepper News Watch

Prepping and General Interest

  1. The Reason Why There Will Be a Second American Civil War: “American Citizens are Soon to Become an Endangered Species”
  2. Land Nav – Taking an Azimuth Off the Map and Applying It To the Compass
  3. Are you fit for survival?
  4. Your Disaster Fashion Guide: The Outfit That Fights Diseases
  5. Your Disaster Decontamination Guide: Step-by-Step Mega Cleaning
  6. The Best Tornado Safety Tips for Your Best Chance of Survival
  7. The Self-Sufficient Gardener
  8. Buck 941 Travelmate Kit
  9. Square Foot Gardening 101: The Boxes
  10. Cen-Tech 5 in 1 Portable Power Pack Review + Giveaway
  11. North Korea May Soon Be Able To Strike Usa With Ultimate Doomsday Weapon That Deactivates All Electronics
  12. When nations go broke: Mob Justice
  13. Discussion on Scout Rifles
  14. Deer Problems and Gardens
  15. The Best Soil For A Home Garden
  16. When The Trucks Stop, It’s Over
  17. Essential Oils & Herbs For a Healthier, Happier Springtime
  18. Coconut Oil For Dental Health
  19. 33 Awesome Uses of Lemon Essential Oil
  20. Ruger LC9 9mm Pistol
  21. What is water worth? – Fortune Tech
  22. Emergency Home Generator – Choosing The Right One For Your Family


  1. Ukraine’s “Anti-Terrorist” Operation Turns Deadly In Odessa – Live Feed
  2. Roof Snipers Appear In Odessa
  3. Weekly News Wrap-Up 5.2.14
  4. Ukraine Enacts Compulsory Military Draft – NBC
  5. Polls: Americans Are Sick of the War On Terror, War On Drugs … And All of the Other Failed U.S. Wars
  6. Putin Threatens Retaliation Against Western Oil Companies
  7. California, most populous U.S. state, gains 356,000 residents
  8. Putin Supporters Flood Moscow for First Post-Cold War May Day Parade in Red Square
  9. GAO Report: Pentagon To Destroy $1.2 Billion in Ammunition Amid Widespread Shortage
  10. Tennessee Imam Preaches Jihad and Jew-Hatred: ‘Jews and Christians Are Filthy’
  11. May Day Violence Erupts in Donetsk, Ukraine

Freedom Issues

  1. The Bloomberg anti-gun backlash has just begun
  2. Lott: Media bias on gun free zones
  3. School Handcuffed Second Grader for ‘Misbehaving’
  4. Apple Will Begin Notifying Users of Information Requests from Law Enforcement
  5. Why Is The Media Silent About The Crucifixion Of Christians By Radical Jihadists?
  6. State of Michigan pushing out farmers: Makes suburban & urban farming illegal in most areas
  7. Poll: Independents Overwhelmingly Choose GOP over Democrats on Guns
  8. Archbishop to ‘Officially Restrict’ Guns in Churches Ahead of New Georgia Gun Law


  1. Workers Younger Than 55 Lost 259K Jobs In April
  2. As America Recovers The Jobs Lost During The Depression, Here Is What Sticks Out
  3. One Million People Dropped Out Of Labor Force In April: Participation Rate Plummets To Lowest Since 1978
  4. Stagflation and the credit cycle
  5. Economy Adds 288k Jobs in April, Unemployment Drops to 6.3%
  6. With 1 in 3 Homes Unaffordable, Freddie Mac Prepares to Enter the Trailer Home Loan Market | A Lightning War for Liberty
  7. Home Ownership Drops to 19-Year Low
  8. Seattle to Raise Minimum Wage to $15 an Hour

Science, Nature and Tech

  1. Privacy Badger Protects You from Online Tracking
  2. IE bug used to attack defense & banks
  3. North Korea testing engine for possible nuclear missile, say analysts
  4. And Then There’s This: “The Oceans Will Rise; Nuclear Winter Will Be Upon Us; And The World As We Know It Will End”

Prepper Expos

  1. PrepperShowsUSA | Prepper Shows and Survivalist Expos

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