Prepper News Watch for May 19, 2014

Prepper News Watch

Prepping and General Interest

  1. Seven Secrets of Medical Prepping, by Cynthia J. Koelker, MD
  2. 1911 vs Glock 41 my thoughts
  3. DIY Moccasin
  4. Altoids FAK
  5. Hands only CPR
  6. Tea
  7. Solar-Powered Mosquito Birth Control Is Making Waves
  8. Try it Today! Altoids Tin Alcohol Stove
  9. Every Day Carry Bag Contest: Pierce’s Bag
  10. Pulling Curls: 5 Medical Things to Think About Postpartum!
  11. Free Manuals to Download, Military Manuals and Books on Knots | Preparedness Advice Blog
  12. Pull them suckers from the crotch….
  13. How Many Calories Do I Need?
  14. One to Watch: ThruNite T10T
  15. Survival Bag
  16. Ladder Bracket Or Trilobite Paracord Bracelet
  17. Hide From Pursuers
  18. Minnow Survival-tool
  19. How to Get Rid of Silverfish
  20. How to Make a Simple Remedy for Sore Throat
  21. Researchers Say “Best Before” Dates Result In Massive Amounts Of Wasted Food
  22. Can You Run for Your Life? A prepper’s plan for getting physically fit
  23. The World’s Largest Rooftop Farm Sets the Stage for Urban Growth
  24. A Good Portable Solar Charger, the New Goal Zero Nomad 7 | Preparedness Advice Blog
  25. Everyday Carry Breakdown #12
  26. EDC: Obstructures A3 Wallet Camillus Knives Titanium/Carbon Fiber…
  27. EDC: Suunto CORE Watch Nikon Coolpix S3200 16mp Camera Victorinox…
  28. How to Make Penicillin at Home | Ask a Prepper
  29. Can You Live without a Refrigerator? | Apartment Prepper
  30. Realistic Training with ID Target Systems
  31. Why You Should Consider a Fixed Blade for EDC
  32. Learn to Open Wine Without A Corkscrew – The Mac Observer


  1. “Conflict Between China And Vietnam Is Imminent” – China Piles Troops, Tanks, Artillery And APCs Near Vietnam Border
  2. Inside FBI’s massive cybercrime bust
  3. DoJ to charge 5 in Chinese army with hacking U.S. firms – The Wall Street Journal – MarketWatch
  4. NATO Observes No Sign of Russian Troops Leaving Ukraine’s Borders
  5. Kraft recalls cottage cheese citing illness risk – May. 18, 2014
  6. World View: China Evacuates 3,000 Citizens from Vietnam, Fearing More Violence
  7. GM Set To Surpass Total Recall Record This Year
  8. California wildfires: man charged with arson as firefighters gain ground
  9. Ukraine crisis will be ‘game changer’ for NATO
  10. Vietnamese Officials Intolerant of Violence as Standoff With China Continues
  11. In Taking Crimea, Putin Gains a Sea of Fuel Reserves
  12. 14 Islamist Incidents Since Blair’s Warning 3 Weeks Ago
  13. China Says Geithner’s Book Proves U.S. Cannot Be Trusted
  14. Poll: Los Angeles Now One of Top Cities for Aggressive Drivers
  15. San Diego Fires Die Down as Arson Investigation Heats Up
  16. Gallup Offers Some Reminders
  17. As Drought Intensifies, California ‘Water Cops’ Enforce Strict Limits
  18. Wildfires Scar the Drought-Ridden Southern California Landscape
  19. U.S. Memorial Day road trippers to hit near 10-year high: AAA
  20. ‘If You Have a Choice Between Going to a Dumpster or to a VA Hospital, Head for the Dumpster Every Time’
  21. Evacuation orders lifted as firecrews battle San Diego wildfires
  22. Ukrainian foreign minister calls on West to impose tougher sanctions on Russia
  23. U.S. warns ‘time is short’ as Iran nuclear talks make little progress
  24. California Wildfires Spread Across Hills, Leveling Homes

Freedom Issues

  1. Gun Store Owners: Banks Continue to Cut Ties under DOJ Pressure
  2. Remington Moves Two Production Lines from New York to Alabama
  3. Cisco CEO Warns Obama To Rein In NSA Or Face Collapse Of Trust In US Technology (And Cisco Sales)
  4. Michael Bloomberg’s Subtle Shift: ‘Expanded Background Checks’ Now ‘Rational Background Checks’
  5. Gun Control Proponent: Addressing Sexual Assault Shouldn’t Be Tied to Arming Women
  6. Harry Reid: Vote to Amend U.S. Constitution to Limit Political Speech
  7. Open Carry on Cease Fire walk in Milwaukee Receives Positive Comments
  8. Agriculture Department puts in request to buy body armor
  9. USDA Goes Paramilitary: Buying Submachine Guns, Night Sites, 30-Round Magazines
  10. Google is Safe: The Right to be Forgotten is Meaningless
  11. TX: Story Changes on Open Carry Jack in the Box
  12. The United States Of Secrets
  13. The FCC Issues its Proposal on Net Neutrality as Protesters Are Tossed from Hearing | A Lightning War for Liberty
  14. Never Forgetting a Face –
  15. Poll: 58 Percent of Moderates Say US Has Enough Gun Laws
  16. Remington Moving AR-15 Production from New York to Alabama
  17. Missouri Lawmakers Pass Bill to Arm Teachers, Lowers Carry Age from 21 to 19
  18. Everyone should know just how much the government lied to defend the NSA
  19. 5 Arguments Against Net Neutrality
  20. Spying Is Meant to Crush Citizens’ Dissent, Not Catch Terrorists
  21. Interview: Utah Sheriff Stands Up to BLM
  22. Thousands of Toddlers Are Medicated for A.D.H.D., Report Finds, Raising Worries
  23. Missouri Lawmakers Pass Bill to Return Control of Education Standards to State


  1. Russia’s “Holy Grail” Gas Deal With China Now “Only One Digit Away”
  2. Dollar on the Brink of Disaster-John Williams
  3. Net Worth Of College Grads With Student Debt Is 20% Less Than High School Grads With No Debt
  4. U.S. private lenders not ready to replace Fannie, Freddie: regulator
  5. New Jersey Mistakenly Tells 2,000 People They Underpaid On Taxes, Doesn’t Tell Them About Error
  6. Prepare for the Death of the Petrodollar
  7. Economic Policies Have Led Us To The Great Divide And Will Lead Us To The Great Collapse
  8. Fed to Raise Rates in 9 Months
  9. Food Prices Soar; CPI Posts Biggest Gain in 10 Months; Real Average Earnings Decline
  10. What The Fed Won’t Tell You About Student Debt
  11. It’s Far Worse Today Than At The Beginning Of 2008 Collapse
  12. Welcome to the Third World, Part 14: Homeowners Become Renters
  13. Texas Leads the Nation in Job Growth
  14. Defense Company, 530 Jobs To Leave California

Science, Nature and Tech

  1. What you agree to when you click ‘accept’
  2. MERS in US: Obama Admin Refuses to Stop Travelers from Infected Countries
  3. Matter will be created from light within a year, claim scientists | Science |
  4. MERS: What is it, and why are people so worried?
  5. Fukushima Seawater Radiation Rises To New All Time High
  6. California firefighters say major wildfire mostly contained
  7. CDC says first transmitted US Mers case does not change risk to public | World news |
  8. Coffee under attack as America takes up fight
  9. Third Case of MERS Confirmed in the U.S.
  10. Cordless tool battery to USB charger
  11. Hi-Fi crystal AM radio tuner / No. 565 Miller
  12. Novartis Continues To Market Antibiotic As A Way To Fatten Up Pigs
  13. MBLOK Memory Cube
  14. Fossils of giant ‘Titanosaur’ found in Argentina | Fox News
  15. Entire Family Struck by Lightning
  16. The Myth of Overpopulation – Ludwig von Mises Institute Canada
  17. U.S. Moves Towards a European Stance on GMOs
  18. New GPS satellite launched into space from Cape Canaveral

Prepper Expos

  1. PrepperShowsUSA | Prepper Shows and Survivalist Expos

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